2017 Review

Aztec Temples get ready to play. Simon Says 2017.

2017 – a review of music and bands


Trevor Locke makes his selection
of some of the gigs he went to this year;

he writes: ‘I cannot claim that is an objective catalogue of everything that took place in the musical life of Leicester over the past twelve months. Far from it. It simply a list of the gigs, that I went to, that stood out for me. If that happens to correspond with what you liked; all well and good. This is Music in Leicester magazine – not an offshoot of Wikipedia.’ Just his pick of the gigs.


Resin at Firebug, 23rd December 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Resin Events held a show at Firebug with Blood Oath (13th)

The Lids were at the Soundhouse with Anoa (28th)


Duffy’s Bar was the venue for a gig with The Relinquished and The World Can Wait (12/2)

Harrowbrooks, Chambers, The Albion were at the Soundhouse. (17/2)

Metal to the Masses, Duffy’s with Septolith, Blood Oath and others. (19/2)

Ferris at the Scholar Bar, 24th February 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Day of the Moon, Ferris, Traps at O2 Academy. (24/2)


Firebug for Metal to the Masses with My Legacy, Gallows High, Diceratops and Final Coil. (5/3)

Final Coil at Firebug, 9th April 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.


The first gig at the revamped Shed saw Electric Swing Circus on stage. (1/4)

Skam featured in the show at O2 Academy’s Scholar Bar. (7/4)

Steve Hill of Skam at the Musician, 17th November 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan. #skam

Traps were on stage at The Shed. (8/4)

Kynch was just one of the acts appearing at The Shed. (13/4)

A large crowd gathered in Humberstone again for the Leicester @ The Cross Easter celebration with Jonezy. (14/4)

The Brandy Thieves played at The Soundhouse with One Suspicious Monkey The Whiskey Rebellion and a few others. (29/4)


Starting the month off, Not My Good Arm at Duffy’s Bar. (1/5)

At the Shed The Docs, Gestalt and Earls. (5/5)

Birthday bash at Duffy’s Bar with Sam Bradshaw, Seconds Apart, Earls and Southern Rum Line. (13/5)

Two gigs at the Musician included Anoa, Stupid Boots, Kynch, Royal Arcade, Arc Isla and The Albion. (19th and 20th May)

First day of the Glastonbudget Festival. International Acoustic Playboys. James Cull. Traps. Whiskey Rebellion. (26th)

Jonathan Eve of The Whiskey Rebellion. Photo by Nile Kaemen McGregor.

Day 2 at Glastonbudget. Anoa. Skam. Jimmy Amnesia. Dedbeats. Beneath the Lights. The Moderators. (27th)


Firebug with Prime, Damage Protocol, Her Burden, Beneath The Lights, The Albion and more. (2/6)

Riverside Festival. Headlined by Goldwater. (3/6)

Siobhan Mazzei at Dryden Street, 28th October 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan. #mazzei

Siobhan Mazzei at The Shed. (9/6)

Pyramids, Common Strays and Beneath The Lights at O2. (17/6)

No More Heroes, Siobhan Mazzei and a rare appearance by Ist. Musician. (29/6)


Finches of Attica at The Shed. Also, Day of the Moon. (7/7)

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship
at The Soundhouse

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship at The Shed (15/7)

Simon Says festival. Day 1. Brandon Neal. Aztec Temples. Michael Vickers. Dedbeats. Ash Mammal. Uncle Frank. 29/7)

Simon Says festival. Day 2 Kenneth J. Nash, Midnight Dogs. Gu-Ru. Her Name Is Calla. The Gadjos. (30/7)


Cosmopolitan Carnival. The Mixtones. Nia Soul. Mahalia. (12/8)

Mahalia on the main stage at Cosmopolitan Carnival 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Loughborough. Beacon Fest. Phantom Fest. Jonezy. River Chickens. Aztec Temples. Skam. (27/8)


Cookie. Traps. (2/9)

Glastonbudget auditions at The Shed with Jonezy. Also Toby Leonard. (8/9)

Crazyhead at The Donkey (15/9)

Kevin Hewick at the Y Theatre, 24th September 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Musicians Against Homelessness at The Y Theatre with Kevin Hewick, Luke Broughton, Kenneth J. Nash, Aztec Temples and much more. (24/9)


Rawkus Reds, Kill The Mammoth, Glastonbudget auditions at The Shed. (6/10)

Dryden Street Social Club. Broken Witt Rebels. Siobhan Mazzei and band. (14/10)

The Shed. Glastonbudget. Revival. Ferris. Andrew Morgan, singer. (20/10)

Earls. Soundhouse, 23rd June 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

The Shed saw We Give In, Earls, Alligator, Monachopsis, Royal Arcade. (21/10)

Oxjam Leicester Takeover. Many bands and artists. Just a few: Homeless Shakespeare, Toby Leonard, Day of the Moon, Kevin Hewick, Mikey Kerslake, Michael Vickers, Tony Alles, Lambone Splinter, Fazed. (28/10)

Later that night, Siobhan Mazzei, Luke Broughton, Hells Addiction, Goldwater at Dryden Street Social. (28/10)


Traps, Neon Waltz and Milburn at the O2. (10/11)

Jonny Gavin of Demons of Ruby Mae at The Shed, 18th November 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan. =jonnygavin

The Shed. Demons of Ruby Mae. (18/11)


Glastonbudget audition at The Shed with Traps, Homeless Shakespeare. (1/12)

Resin Christmas party at Firebug with Resin, Mage, Torqued, Ramage Inc., Temple of Lies. (23/12)

Dr. X. performing at Broood Bar in Leicester, 25th August 2017

Homeless Shakespeare’s album launch at the Soundhouse. Timmas. Dr. X. Ginhouse Gypsies. (28/12)

New Years Eve. The Brandy Thieves at The Musician. I went but only to have a good time. (31/12)

Andrea Kenny of The Brandy Thieves
Photo: RhinsoFeroSS photography

All in all, a pretty good year for music, of all kinds.

This is #Leicester. It’s the #besta.

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