Single review – IRRLVNT, Where Did You Go?

27/04/2020 Kevin Gaughan 0
RRLVNT are a new stable setting out to mark their relevancy within the Leicester music scene despite what the abbreviated name would suggest. They have recently unleashed their debut track titled Where Did You Go? So let’s take a look around and see where they’re going with this.

Single review – We Give In, Not Your Hero

17/04/2020 Kevin Gaughan 0
The song kicks off with a full instrumental ensemble similar to that of their lead single but in a more straight forward rhythm and a neat little lead guitar piece before being eventually joined by Jazz Hunt’s vocals and Thomas Prince’s bass taking a much more full-frontal approach this time around, giving the song a punchier edge working in perfect harmony with Tom Carnell’s drumming.

Single review – Side Project, A Thousand Goodbyes

16/04/2020 Kevin Gaughan 0
Side Project are a UK based Pop Rock 5 piece who some will remember for their smashing cover of Anne-Marie’s “2002” which was featured on We Are Triumphant’s “Pop Punk Essentials” playlist. Two years before, they released an EP titled “The Shapes And The Colours” which leaned more towards the pop side of things, though this would not be the case with their most recent number, “A Thousand Goodbyes”.