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LIFE at The Shed, 15th June 2018

with Earls and Vulgarians

Tonight’s show was organised by Juicebox Live and The Shed.

Reviewed by Keith Jobey

There’s an old punk ethic that has been around since punk started which is ‘if you want something doing, do it yourself’. Forty plus years on its as relevant today as it ever was, and LIFE are a band that are a shining example of how to go about being a DIY band. Tonight saw them play Leicester for the fourth time, the last time being at Handmade Festival in 2017, Juicebox Live bringing them to The Shed for a well attended show.

Local punks Earls are a very fitting selection as first support. A band with attitude and tunes, inspired by Slaves and big fans of the headline act, whom they watched support Slaves at the Academy...

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Ill at The Soundhouse, 31st May 2018

with Knice and Longtooth and Wasterman

Tonight’s show was organised by Magic Teapot and The Other Window (The Non Alliance Pact).

Reviewed by Keith Jobey

When you see a gig promoted by the The Non Alliance Pact, a loose collection of music promoters including the Other Window, Magic Teapot and Locust Promotions, you know it’s going to have alternative leanings, perhaps even subversive ones. Which is exactly what made this a must go to event. That and the fact that ILL were headlining.

The evening got off to a belting start with Knice, a local hardcore band. Like a speedball of energy covered in hair, this band were relentless. I normally wouldn’t go for this style of music but I found myself being totally entertained by it in the end. Such expression and energy can’t be contained.

Knice P...

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Uprising (Metal to the Masses final)

Metal to the Masses, 26th May 2018Read More

Employed To Serve at The Cookie, 17th May 2018

with Let It Die, God Complex and Conjurer

Tonight’s show was organised by The Cookie.

Reviewed by Kashif Hussain

Leicester’s Cookie isn’t usually known for its metal gigs. That honour typically goes to more “alternative” venues like Firebug or The Shed, as The Cookie’s repertoire of shows seem to be more along the lines of indie rock bands or comedy acts, so it seemed like a somewhat odd choice to host Woking’s premier metal group and a slew of dissonant support bands. However, it turns out that the miniscule stage was a perfect fit for the chaos that ensued.

First on the stage were Let It Die, hailing from Kettering. Their sound can at best be described as hardcore with a range of extreme music influences...

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May 2018

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