Album review – Brandon Neal, Abrandon Ship

Reviewed by Cassius Povey

Brandon Neal, who I’ve personally dubbed “The Bob Ross of Acoustic Music” is a known local acoustic musician recognised for his amazing afro and stature. It’s hard to pin point just exactly what genre Brandon falls under as you can hear a world full of influences in his playing from punk, folk, indie, rock and plenty more in the hat but trust me when I say that certainly doesn’t work against him.

He has the unique gift of bouncing from genre to genre in every single song he has since produced. The one consistent thing being his lovely and humble attitude. So prepare for some waves in these otherwise troubling times because it’s time to check out his fantastically named album Abrandon Ship.

Photo: Brandon Neal at Glastonbudget music festival, 26/05/18 by Kevin Gaughan

Abrandon Ship is a 13 song romp of acoustic galore with some of Brandon’s greatest hits at your digital behest for you to collect if you’ve ever had the joys of watching this titan of tales perform. For those of you who haven’t had the joyful confusion that comes with seeing Brandon, it’s encapsulated perfectly in this album.

The fiery energy you would expect from a full band bouncing around your room-filling you with adrenaline to our singer utilising the unique softness in his voice. The punk-like ferocity and the tame yet tantalising, going hand in hand in beautiful cohesion. Each song is a piece of Brandon’s heart and soul that he’s expressed to us with his flair and style detailing his love for video games, the inquisitiveness of life and all it’s wonder and somewhat satirical takes from his own life.

You can listen to the full thing in it’s multi-genre glory on bandcamp and Spotify. The tracklist is as listed below:

  1. Abrandon Ship
  2. Repetitive Routine
  3. What a Wannabe
  4. Enjoy the Ride
  5. Autopilot
  6. Pixel Dreams
  7. Stranger’s Hand
  8. Out of Time
  9. His Last Mistake
  10. Lost in the Dark
  11. Birdsong ft. Lucy Moore
  12. I Wished
  13. Life of The Party

Brandon Neal is by far one of, if not THE most unique within a sea of acoustic musicians. As I said earlier, you can’t pigeon-hole him to simply just one thing. Even if there’s a style or song you aren’t all too fond of, there’ll more than certainly be one that ticks all the boxes for you.

Someone worth taking an in-depth look at and worth talking with off stage just as well. Don’t let the height intimidate you, he’s a gentleman at heart.

You can listen to Brandon Neal on all streaming platforms and find more of his craft on Facebook and Instagram.

Stream the album here on Spofify.

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