FKA Dreamcatcher Album Launch with Wailing Badger and The Blooms

19/04/2019 @ 19:30 – 22:30 Europe/London Timezone
The Cookie
The Cookie

FKA release a brand new album. Dreamcatcher has all the fuzz and punk rock sound you need to wake up to the core of your being. They may be songs you have heard before but you have never ever heard them living up to their potential to this level. This is part of a mini tour for them… singles to be released too.

Sloping from the depths of rural Leicestershire, the Wailing Badger cometh. Bringing their ragtag mix of naughty power-funk with a retro blues edge and sugary dollops of genuine soul, be prepared for some kick-ass rock with a difference…

The Blooms are a high school girl band from Birmingham featuring Ellie Askey, a cousin of courtney Askey and just as talented. They came into the Noisygirls Leicester studio recently and recorded their new single ‘Psycho’ which they will be releasing this week. Think alt pop with truly inspired lyrics and awesome musicianship well beyond their age.

Ages 14+ Welcome at the venue