Gig review – No Conflict album launch at The Soundhouse, Thursday 3rd February 2022

No Conflict. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

Upon arriving at the Soundhouse, the hustle and bustle of exuberant music lovers had swept me off my feet. The community of individuals talking amongst each other awaiting the performance of No Conflict could be felt all across Southampton Street, as I also eagerly waited for the show to begin.

No Conflict is a Leicestershire band, however, they felt more like a family – it seemed like there was a strong bond between each member that only tightened whilst performing. After three years of hard work, commitment and dedication, No Conflict has released their brand-new album Please Give Peace a Chance, in which they celebrated with a tremendous performance, playing each track from this new album.

As I crawled to the front of the stage to get the best view, No Conflict kicked off their set with the first song of their album Hells 13’s. Even without a support act, the crowd grew in seconds. People were drawn into the venue, cheering on the band and praising them with every opportunity. It was an emotional, poetic start. This single was enough to warm the crowd up and showcase various elements of talent that No Conflict had to offer.

The third track that was performed was called Fly to the Moon in June. Personally, this was my favourite track of the whole night. There was something so magical about the way No Conflict performed this: the harmonies, the skills of the musicians, the beautiful writing – it was such an incredible experience to see this performed live.

No Conflict. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

As the gig fell deeper into the night, No Conflict began to turn up the energy, which was evident in Pick it Up. At this point, I was amused with the copious fans dancing, singing, and appreciating what was just an ordinary Thursday until No Conflict took the night over. It felt like such an experience being in the company of so many enthusiastic individuals.

As No Conflict approached the end of their set, they rounded the night off with a solemn, acoustic version of the song they made their album title; Please Give Peace a Chance. What a way to end the night, but also what a way to convey a beautiful message. In a modern world where many messages given by great musicians have been abandoned, nothing pleases me more knowing we have musicians on our doorstep reanimating these meanings, and I have the privilege to witness this on what could have been just an ordinary weekday.

Overall, it was an incredibly pleasant night, hosted by one of Leicester’s greatest venues – The Soundhouse. Harrison Gent and Sean Harkin have truly worked hard to bring life into their music, and I felt very inspired by their collaborations. I do hope many more opportunities to see them arise, as they put on a fantastic show and brought some fantastic people with them.

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Reviewed by Imogen Cresswell.

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