Review – Your Life & Mine at The Vault, Tuesday 16th July 2019

Photo: Your Life & Mine by Kevin Gaughan

with Seasons and Red Savanna

Reviewed by Liz Marriott

Leicester music lovers who prefer to stay at home on a school night missed a genuine treat last Tuesday, as the Vault (downstairs at The Shed) played host to a stellar line-up.

First onstage were local duo Red Savanna, who created a far bigger sound than their numbers would suggest. Vocalist and bassist Ben used a harmonised pedal to beef up the high end, whilst playing a series of groove-fuelled riffs, and grinding, rock’n’roll rhythms. Impeccably tight percussion was provided by his partner in crime, Steve, to excellent effect, and the two Leicester-based musicians seamlessly blended aspects of rock, punk, and Brit-pop to craft a compelling setlist. At times reminiscent of The Sex Pistols, The White Stripes, and even Muse, their varied material proved a hit with their small, but eager audience.

Unfortunately, the band (and a good chunk of the crowd) were not able to remain for the following two acts, which meant that they missed two absolutely stunning subsequent performances.

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Red Savanna Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Seasons, a five-piece hailing from Bedford, stormed the second slot with a sublime array of atmospheric melodies, beautifully orchestrated vocal harmonies, and soaring guitar – all propelled by a prodigious rhythm section. Singer Grant’s rich, immensely powerful voice was a highlight even amongst such an accomplished group of musicians, and he piledrove home momentous chorus after momentous chorus.

The band clearly know their genre well, and both their composition and set were well structured, even when interrupted by a blown speaker half way through. Consummate professionals, they remained engaged with the crowd despite the technical difficulties, and executed their remaining songs with flawless precision.

Their intricate, symphonic sound would likely appeal to fans of Saosin, Lower Than Atlantis, or Funeral for a Friend. Check out their incredible new single, Want It All, below.

Video for Want it All

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Seasons Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Last, but certainly not least, synth strobed through the air as headliners Your Life & Mine assembled at the front of the room. Dramatic lighting sweetened the suspense, before the five guys from Sheffield plunged into an upbeat infusion of riotous, anthemic choruses, hook-laden breakdowns, and colossal chord progressions. Again, singing took centre stage, although ironically vocalist Bill ditched the tiny platform in favour of spending the majority of the performance in the audience. This only served to enhance the band’s energy, and I believe that it would be a challenge for any crowd not to be captivated by their infectious enthusiasm.

Your Life & Mine are no one-trick pony, however: on several occasions they interrupted their procession of pin-point perfect pop-punk to deliver some searingly evocative, pared-back interludes, in which Bill’s ability to break into transcendent falsetto truly shone.

Fans of YouMeAtSix, Blink182, or City and Colour will find much to love in Your Life & Mine, and their faultless musicianship and dynamic stage presence will doubtless take them far. However, we were lucky enough to collar the band for a chat prior to the show, and they demonstrated another string to their bow: a brilliant attitude. Currently on tour with Seasons to promote their latest release Better End the Heartbreak, the group has an incredible commitment to their fans: find out what they decided to do when their London tour date was cancelled, in the video interview with their performance of Better End the Heartbreak from the night.

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Your Life & Mine Photo: Kevin Gaughan

All in all, it was a brilliant night, and I hope to see Your Life & Mine and Seasons back in Leicester very soon – on a bigger stage. If you enjoy anthemic post-hardcore flavoured pop-punk, and you have the opportunity to see either of these bands in future, I highly recommend seizing every ticket that you can get your hands on, and dragging all of your friends along too. These two groups are, most definitely, ones to watch.

See our interview with Your Life & Mine with their performance of Better End the Heartbreak from tonight’s gig:

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