Single review – Bubblegum Hypnosis, Burp and Vomit

Reviewed by Cassius Povey

Release date 01/05/20

Bubblegum Hypnosis are a smattering of genres from psychedelic, metal, grunge and whatever else you want to throw into the mix with influences ranging from King Gizzard and Black Sabbath which you’ll hear plenty of as we take a look at their song with a name as eyebrow-raising as their name, Burp And Vomit.

The song starts off with distorted vocals and guitars accompanied by a retching sound I can only describe as something to keep in line with the title that said vocals repeat with a few “woos” for good measure. Vocals aside, the guitars are definitely something I was delighted by. It almost reminded me of an old school wrestling theme with its repetition. We’re then slowed down briefly by a nice tempo change, loud and crashing drums and effects galore. We’re then taken back to the wrestler’s entrance riff and repeated vocals with the added “woos” that would make Ric Flair proud and the retches that would make the local city spice heads equally proud. We’re then slowed down once more but this time greeted with a delightful, prog style and experimental solo before thrown back into the main riff and retches and beaches.

I can honestly say that I’ve never heard anything quite like Bubblegum Hypnosis. It was akin to what could only be summed up with a simple “what?”. Channelling my inner tenth Doctor aside, Burp And Vomit is an experimental trainwreck of a track and has you asking more questions the further down the rabbit hole you go and believe me, I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

The craftsmanship and creativity that goes into unleashing something like this upon the ears absolutely deserve our attention and I encourage anyone willing to open their minds to go out and listen for themselves.

Stream Burp and Vomit on Spotify here.

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