Single review – IRRLVNT, Where Did You Go?

Reviewed by Cassius Povey

IRRLVNT are a new stable setting out to mark their relevancy within the Leicester music scene despite what the abbreviated name would suggest. They have recently unleashed their debut track titled Where Did You Go? So let’s take a look around and see where they’re going with this.

The track begins with a distorted vocal harmony backed by a very R’N’B sounding, Craig David influenced instrumental. It has a very early 2000’s feel with the synth-heavy music and the soulful vocals performed by vocalist Alun Davies which gets the track going straight into the thick of what this song is all about – the loss of love or if there ever was love to begin with. It’s a catchy and decent sounding beat which makes you nostalgic for the days when people would sing in the rain confessing their love in music videos. It’s infectious and as far as debuts go, it’s certainly a good start towards what IRRLVNT are putting out there.

Without much else to go on I can only say that it’s a good take for these two who are still new onto the scene as a unit and as time goes on I’m certainly interested in what else they’ll have to produce. The style is old yet modern enough to capture attention and the singing will turn a few heads here and there.

If you want to hear the song for yourself and stay updated on where they will go then you can follow IRRLVNT on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and YouTube.

Watch the Where Did You Go? video on YouTube.