Single review – Michael Vickers, Dead & Buried

Reviewed by Cassius Povey

Taking another look at the sensational Leicester based act Michael Vickers, we’ll be reviewing his track Dead & Buried.

The second this song starts it immediately has you wanting to kick up your legs and dance along with its very upbeat and groovy melody before kicking it up a notch with a very indie sounding verse.

The lyrics are a very stark opposite to the happiness the music conveys as the title would suggest. Michael’s excellent storytelling wit once again taking you on his journey that you can’t help but lose yourself in. We always like to try and feel like the protagonist or antagonist in any given story but in the songs Michael sings us with his gentle voice backed by cleverly mixed instrumentals, that feeling becomes a reality.

Dead & Buried is a brilliant little fusion of funk and indie complimented with his signature storytelling style that I would honestly recommend as an introduction to anyone who has yet to hear of Michael Vickers. It’s short enough for anyone to fully take in but has plenty to offer with its music, lyrics and the style of singing that has the listener definitely wanting to hear more of the man’s discography.

Stream Dead & Buried on Spotify here.

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