Single review – Ohana, Too Good For Me

Reviewed by Cassius Povey

Release date 28/04/20

Ohana are a Leicester based Indie/Grunge/Hard Rock stable making waves in the local scene with their most recent single Too Good For Me.

The song starts off with cymbals crashing and guitars thrashing, building us up and getting the adrenaline pumping and hyping us up. But rather than get straight into it we’re given a taste of what’s to come in the form of a sweet and slow riff that has you nodding your head.

Heavy guitars with a very sweet bass hitting you right in the chest  before Jack coming in with the drums again to really bring out the power behind Luke, Jamie and Ben’s guitars. It has a very Royal Blood/Led Zeppelin feel with it’s hard rock/bluesy instrumentation and the influence especially shows when vocalist Luke gets going.

The lyrics feel like a much darker take on the typical chase of the game when it comes to the standard trope of “boy meets girl” and it’s captured spot on here with a hell of a haunting chorus with the grit you can feel in his voice. The most criminal thing about this song is that the blues styled solo doesn’t go on for a few extra bars. It then goes to a point where they could have totally changed the tempo entirely but they chose to stick to the beat that was maintained throughout the song. And I believe that was certainly the right call to make if anything different was suggested.

Too Good For Me has you banging your head for the song or against the wall if you ever find yourself in such a situation and bellowing the chorus if either applies to you.

A class single by a class local band that I would recommend to anyone into this particular genre.

You can buy Too Good For Me here.

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