2016 review

Yodaclub. Oxjam Leicester 2016. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

2016 Review of the year

Trevor Locke looks back through his notebooks and picks out the bands, artists and gigs which stood out for him.

He said: “Making a selection from all the gigs I saw that year was difficult; the main challenge for me was what to put in and how I would feel about leaving out gigs that wow’ed me but then you can’t just list everything. In the entries below the main acts are mentioned but not all the bands that played on any given date. ”



Leicester Band The Lids, Liam Butler, June 2016

The Lids play at The Shed; the first of a number of performances which marked them out as one of the most exiting bands of the year.


Scribble Victory at Duffys Bar, 7th October 2016.

Scribble Victory; fabulous. Very good vocalists. Music full of verve and vitality.

January as a whole.



Michael Vickers at Simon Says 2016. Photo: Pascal Pereira.

Michael Vickers performs at the obs Unplugged finals round 1. Upbeat, lively, entertaining.


Ben Wilkinson of Corrupt Nation at The Shed. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Corrupt Nation. A band with some serious levels of talent. Plenty of punch and a star quality lead singer. Also on stage that night The Reckless Youth. They brought back those days of large, enthusiastic crowds for one big dance number after another.


Shay of Aztec Temples at The Soundhouse, 1st October 2016.

Arc Isla and Aztec Temples at the Scholar Bar. Two of my favourite bands.


Once Vagrant Souls. Oxjam Leicester 2016. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Once Vagrant Souls put on a storming set at the DCIP semi-finals. Also tonight we saw Alligatr and Scribble Victory again with the show being topped off by The World Can Wait.

The World Can Wait’s Sulley Archer

February as a whole.



The Mire Deep at Duffys, March 6th 2016.

Duffys Bar played host to one of the first rounds of Metal 2 The Masses with Blood Oath, The Mire Deep and others. Flying the flag for metal.


Skunk-Boy Project at the Cookie, 2016.
Photo: Henry J. Allen

The Skunk Boy Project plays at The Cookie. Nate Swettenham. An outstanding artist.


Final Coil at the De Montfort Hall for Uprising June 2016

Final Coil wins at Metal 2 The Masses at Firebug with a resoundingly good performance.


American Idiot. Amelia Lily as Whatsername. From the 2015 London Production. Photo: Darren Bell.

Green Day’s music featured in a musical at Curve – in American Idiot. Fantastic musical.


Jonezy performing at Leicester @ The Cross 2016

Around 5,000 people gathered in Humberstone Gate to see performances by Jonezy and David Lewis from Once Vagrant Souls.

March as a whole.



Budgie Smugglers, EP cover ‘Live At Quad’ 2016

Punk legends The Vibrators performed at The Shed with IVMK, The Docs and Budgie Smugglers.


De Sade at The Musician in 2016

De Sade headline at the Musician with support from Zed Rock.


Jakes Bentley of Trilogy at The Musician August 2016

Trilogy brought stunning blues to the Musician with support from Alligatr.


Kevin Hewick and Ash Mammal at the Musician, 31st August 2016.
Photo: Trevor Cobbe

Hand Made festival. Many bands; but let me mention Ash Mammal, Her Name Is Calla, The Reckless Youth, Reuben Wisner and a packed out performance by 65 Days Of Static.

Reuben Wisner at the Cookie in March 2015
Photo: RhinoFeroSs photography


Clubs at Handmade 2016.
Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Hand Made festival. Notable appearances by Clubs, Lonely The Brave and Arcades.

April as a whole.



Kermes at OBS semifinals.
Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Musician. Grand Final of the OBS.

Kasabian at the end of their Summer Solstice show.
From the band’s page on Facebook.

28th and 29th May. Kasabian play at King Power stadium. Well we had to put it in.

May as a whole.



Idle Empire at Simon Says 2016. Photo: Pascal Pereira.

Riverside festival. Bands on the main stage included Idle Empire and James Cull and the Black Storm Nation.

At The De Montfort Hall it was an Uprising of metal bands.

Final Coil at the De Montfort Hall for Uprising 4th June


The Urban Voodoo Machine
Paul-Ronney Angel at The Music Cafe.
Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Urban Voodoo Machine at the Donkey.

June as a whole.



Cabin Boy Jumped Ship
at The Soundhouse, October 10th 2014

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship at The Shed. Mind blowing.


Arc Isla at The Soundhouse. Oxjam Leicester 2016. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Arc Isla at Soundhouse.


Steven Faulkner at Simon Says 2016.
Photo: Pascal Pereira Photography.

Simon Says festival – day 1. Steven Faulkner gives one of his legendary performances. Not My Good Arm on the outdoor stage. Kevin Hewick on stage in the DeMontfort Hall. Ash Mammal in the Marquee. Diesel Park West. The Brandy Thieves. Jersey Budd.


Arthur Tyers of The Gadjos at Simon Says 2016. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Simon Says festival – day 2. Headlined by The Wonder Stuff. A rare appearance by The Gadjos. Also saw Kermes. Mahalia. Matt Henshaw. Howard Rose.

Mahalia at the Spiegeltent, Brighton.
The Great Escape Festival 2016.
Photo: Keith Jobey

July as a whole.



The Brandy Thieves at The Shed. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

The Brandy Thieves at The Shed with Corrupt Nation, The Lids and Jimmy Amnesia.


Calder Mclaughlin performing at the Musician pub during the obs finale in 2013

Calder McLaughlin at The Soundhouse marking a decade of music making.


Jonezy at Beaconfest, Loughborough, August 2016.

Loughborough: Jonezy at Beaconfest and The Phantom for the annual outdoor festival with many acts, notably Last Edition.

Last Edition at Phantomfest, Loughborough, August 2016.


Greg Burns of Trilogy at The Musician, August 2016

The Musician saw a memorable performance by blues/jazz band Trilogy – an astoundingly good performance. What makes Trilogy so remarkable? Well, for one thing, it is the consummate skill with which they make music and the two singers whose have wonderful voices.


Kevin Hewick at The Criterion – 9th July 2016.
Photo: Keith Jobey

Kevin Hewick at the Musician. Album launch.

August as a whole.



Whiskey Rebellion at The Shed, 2nd September 2016.

The Shed and a highly enjoyable performance by Whiskey Rebellion.

Jimmy Amnesia at Sumo, 2nd September 2016. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

At Sumo, Escapade was on a line-up with Jimmy Amnesia, as photographed by Kevin Gaughan.


Flip Like Wilson at The Shed, 6th September. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Always a great pleasure to enjoy Flip Like Wilson.


Alligatr at The Cookie on 9th September 2016. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

The Cookie played host to Alligatr and Royal Arcade. Kevin Gaughan was there to take the pictures.


Beneath The Lights at The Shed, 16th September 2016. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Worth mentioning the audition gigs for Glastonbudget festival; there were many of them and most of them were pretty good; Before The Crash and Beneath The Lights was one that stood out.


The Jav’lins at The Shed, 26th September 2016. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

The Jav’lins at The Shed. This band is the life and soul of blues rock. Also tonight Brandon Neal and Michael Vickers – two marvellous solo artists.


Gaye Bykers on Acid at The Donkey, 30th September 2016. Photo: Gaz Birtles.

Legends Gaye Bykers on Acid play at The Donkey. It was a celebration and an event that brings back the history of live music in Leicester.

September as a whole.



Scribble Victory at Duffys Bar, 7th October 2016.

Duffy’s Bar with Scribble Victory, Flip Like Wilson and Beneath The Lights.


Jake Manning at at Oxjam Leicester 2016. Photo Trevor Sewell.

Oxjam Takeover Leicester. So many singers, bands and other acts performing across most of the city centre’s venues.


Gloss at the Cookie 2016

The Cookie. Alligatr, Gloss, Midnight Wire.

October as a whole.



Skam at The Musician, 18th November 2016. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

The Musician. Skam night. Sensational.


Jonezy at The Y Theatre, September 2016

Jonezy headlines a star line-up at The Shed.


Grace Petrie – White Noise Christmas 2016. Firebug.
Photo: Keith Jobey.

White Noise festival at Firebug

November as a whole.



Linear at Firebug, December 2016

Leicester band Linear hang up their guitars after a resounding last gig.


New Years Eve at The Shed; the last show before it closed for refurbishment.

December as a whole.

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