Acoustic night at The Shed

Stu Crown and The Bobcats at The Shed

Sunday 26th January 2014 ∏

Acoustic evening at The Shed

Ruthie Coles put together a really good night of music at The Shed. On the stage were Tondka (Anthony Knott), Egg Ladies, Jake Manning, Carlos Stein and The Bobcats.

I had seen all the acts before, some more than others, but for me, they were all well worth seeing again.

Carlos Stein at The shed
Carlos Stein at The shed

What made this evening so enjoyable was the atmosphere which was conveyed by the audience – they showed their appreciation for all of the acts, they expressed their enjoyment, there was laughter and a sense that everybody was having a good night of live music. You could say that about any gig? I’m not so sure.

Jake Manning at the Shed
Jake Manning at the Shed

Solo singers Anthony Knott and Jake Manning brought their own, special brand of music. Bands Egg Ladies and The Bobcats provided very different styles but captured the mood of the evening, albeit in divergent ways. Carlos Stein provided his inimitable performance of musical comedy, evoking plenty of mirth and laudation for his skills on the loops.

Jake Manning opened his set with the jaunty and evocative song The Mutineer, accompanying himself on his hallmark 12-string guitar, being joined on stage by Becca O’Hara for Don’t let the devil steal your blues.

Jake mentioned Guerilla Acoustic nights which brings music to unusual places, like the one that took place on 7th February at The West End Gallery.

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Grace, from Grace and the Magic Roots, was there with three of her band members and a set of their delightful tunes.

Stu Crown and The Bobcats at The Shed
Stu Crown and The Bobcats at The Shed

Leicester’s blues rock band The Bobcats – Stu Crown, Dan Fraser-Betts and the Shed’s Boppa on drums, provided a sparkling set of songs and a sizzling finale to the evening. Dan was on his six string bass, by the way. Three musicians of considerable quality, delivered music straight from the soul, foot-stomping rhythms and thrashing guitar solos that were full of character. It w3as the chemistry between them that so impressed us – it was transfixing. An enthralling set.

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