Gig review – One Town Over at The Soundhouse, Friday 25th June 2021

Daz Lynch & Rhett Barrow. Photo by Kevin Gaughan

with Joe Scott and band, Rhett Barrow, Andrea Kenny, Daz Lynch, Joeker Digz and Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts opened tonight’s show. He began by singing Living the Dream. It was a lively start to his set. Paul is a singer who is well known in Leicester. He has graced the stages of this place for many years. His performance met with enthusiastic approval from the audience. Paul brought Rhett Barrow to the stage for a duet. Together they sang Don’t let the ba**ards get you down.

Rhett Barrow with Paul Roberts. Photo by Kevin Gaughan

The second artist tonight was Joeker Digz. He began his set with a rendition of Wonderwall, by Oasis. Following that he sang one of his own songs. It was a robust performance in which his strong voice was projected with great delivery. He also did a rap number to backing tracks which included a refrain from Eminem and Dido’s Stan from 2002.

Joeker Digz
Joeker Digz. Photo by Kevin Gaughan

Next to take to the stage was Daz Lynch. A legendary Leicester musician who has been in bands – his band was called Revival – but tonight was performing as a solo artist. His powerful voice carried the songs into the room, reminding us what a great presence he is on stage. It is good that many of our music acts are still with us, still entertaining us with their music, after many years.

His set projected a great sense of fun and was completely entertaining.

Daz Lynch. Photo by Kevin Gaughan

Unfortunately, I had to leave early to get the last bus home at 22:00 so I missed some of the later acts. I have tried to put some comments together from the videos that Kevin took on the night.

The Joe Scott Band did a very enjoyable set of songs. This trio of musicians has been to the Soundhouse before; well Joe Scott certainly has. Joe Scott on guitar, with a bassist and drummer. These songs are really good.

Joe Scott & Band. Photo by Kevin Gaughan

Andrea Kenny was on stage and in the video (below) she sang with Rhett Barrow. Andrea is one of the very great singers from Leicester and hugely popular with our local music fans.

Rhett Barrow
Rhett Barrow. Photo by Kevin Gaughan

The evening was headlined by One Town Over. I watched them performing at the Soundhouse on YouTube on 6th March. The five-piece band has been at The Soundhouse before. A group of well-experienced musicians people enjoyed their folky sets of melodic songs. An excellent conclusion to a wonderful night of music.

The socially distanced crowd at the gig. Photo by Kevin Gaughan

It was so good to be back at the Soundhouse after a long absence. I saw many familiar faces in the audience. Tonight it was limited to fifty people and, I was told, they were turning people away at the door once the venue was full.

So good to see our music venues coming back to life.

Videos of tonight’s performances by Kevin Gaughan:

Paul Roberts and Rhett Barrow.

Andrea Kenny and Rhett Barrow.


Reviewed by Trevor Locke

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