LIFE at The Shed, 15th June 2018

with Earls and Vulgarians

Tonight’s show was organised by Juicebox Live and The Shed.

Reviewed by Keith Jobey

There’s an old punk ethic that has been around since punk started which is ‘if you want something doing, do it yourself’. Forty plus years on its as relevant today as it ever was, and LIFE are a band that are a shining example of how to go about being a DIY band. Tonight saw them play Leicester for the fourth time, the last time being at Handmade Festival in 2017, Juicebox Live bringing them to The Shed for a well attended show.

Local punks Earls are a very fitting selection as first support. A band with attitude and tunes, inspired by Slaves and big fans of the headline act, whom they watched support Slaves at the Academy. They have some great songs with infectious lyrics, immediate favourites being ‘We Are Scum’ and ‘The End Is Nigh’, the latter being accompanied by a member of the crowd invited on stage to wear a cardboard tabard declaring just that. It’s says something about the songs that after seeing them live only twice I could sing along to about half of their set. I can’t catch enough of this band.

Earls Photo: Trevor Sewell

The Vulgarians, like the headliners have also travelled from Hull. They’ve a darker psyche sound about them with relentless rhythm and prove to be a most enjoyable act. Deserving of their own headline show here, but that’s a win for us watching.

Vulgarians Photo: Trevor Sewell

Behind the scenes they may lead the way as a DIY band, but on stage LIFE are a shining example of how to perform with energy and skill. Regularly hailed as being one of the best live acts around, they certainly had a good go at proving why tonight at the Shed. It’s a scintillating set with plenty of tracks from their self-released album ‘Popular Music’ and a few new numbers too. Latest single ‘Grown Up’ is a belter of a tune, a singalong anthem. Closing with an old favourite ‘Crawling’ I get the feeling that this band are going to be everyone’s favourite new band sometime soon. The secret is out, go love LIFE!

LIFE Photo: Trevor Sewell