Metal to the Masses heat 4

11th March 2018

at Firebug

with Diceratops and Stonepit Drive

Tonight’s show was organised by Resin Events and Metal 2 the Masses Leicester.

Reviewed by Kevin Gaughan

For the first time this year, Metal to the Masses moves from Duffy’s bar just up the road to Firebug for the bands to battle it out for a chance to play at Bloodstock Open Air.

There were only two bands in tonights show, resulting in a less-heaving-than-usual crowd. As there were only two bands, and two bands from each round go through to the next stage, they were already through to the next round! Black Chapter called in sick at the last minute.

Tongue-twistingly named Diceratops opened tonight’s proceedings. A four piece prog-rock band from Leicester.

Diceratops started in a spectacular fashion with spectacularly prolonged scream in the opening song, Serenade of Fire, which set the bar very high for the vocals in the rest of the gig. Being one of the maturer bands to perform in M2tM, their rock riffs and outstanding vocals were great, reminding me of Bruce Dickinson at times. They have released one EP but it is under their previous name of Melisma, clearly not intending to make life any easier for their fans!

Diceratops Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Next up, and last on for the night were Stonepit Drive, a four piece hard rock/grunge band from Northamptonshire.

These guys upped the tempo with their heavier, grungier style. Again, they had impressive vocals and amazing guitar solos and just seemed to have more beef about them. They were clearly loving being on the stage and the performance shone because of it.

After a few songs they tried to get the audience to sing the lyrics ‘we will not die’, unfortunately, the audience weren’t having any of it!

Stonepit Drive Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Stonepit Drive‘s solid vocals and tasty guitar solos left a lasting impression.

Again, a memorable evening at Metal to the Masses, only two bands, but still a fantastic show and a good atmosphere with a reasonably-sized crowd.

Can’t wait for the next instalment of metal to the Masses (heat 5) next Sunday, 18th March at Firebug..