Metal to the Masses, semi final 2

12th May 2018

at Dryden Street Social

with Diceratops, Graves, Black Chapter and Stonepit Drive

Tonight’s show was organised by Resin Events and Metal 2 the Masses Leicester.

Reviewed by Martin Baker

Only having to wait a day for the next semi-final was such a treat, and here it was! The was a bit of excitement in the air as the finals and the entire Uprising experience is getting so close we can almost taste it!

To kick this evening off we had Diceratops stomping onto the stage with their great mix of a classic style mixed with some newer elements.

First thing I noticed was their image seemed much more appropriate and they looked the part tonight, which was the final piece of the jigsaw for me and they nailed it tonight. Definitely stepping it up for this round and their music was above par as usual well done guys.

Diceratops Photo: Trevor Sewell

Graves were on next and they came out with an intriguing style, some powerful passages of their set were so catchy it took me back to a great time in music and its so good to see original songs done in this particular style, hats off to you boys for keeping it going.

Each song added new elements to their performance and some of their faster stuff gave us some roaring riffs to enjoy, truly a band to go and see, especially at this level with their polished act.

Graves Photo: Trevor Sewell

Next to take to the stage were Black Chapter, who gave us their signature styled songs and it was nice to see them at least seeming a bit more relaxed this time round during their performance, although the vocals seemed a bit off on this occasion.

One thing I did notice though was the bus load of fans who came down again and as before promptly disappeared as soon as they finished playing, shame they couldn’t support the other bands and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Black Chapter Photo: Trevor Sewell

To reflect this, we had Stonepit Drive on next and if these guys got the recognition they deserve then they could most definitely bring the house down.

Their enthusiasm is so infectious you can’t help but enjoy every moment of their set as they deliver some of their incredibly catchy numbers, it’s just a shame that there weren’t more people there to enjoy their performance!

Stonepit Drive Photo: Trevor Sewell

Eagerly awaiting the result to see who made it to the grand final we finally had our bands announced, Seven Hells, Diceratops, Graves, Dawn of Anubis and Black Chapter. If you haven’t already got your Uprising tickets to go and see them then what the hell are you waiting for? See you there!!