Preview – Bob Vylan at The Musician, Tuesday 3rd August 2021

“This is my f**king country and it’s never been f**king lovely” screams the dreadlocked, Crass T-Shirt wearing frontman. This is Bob Vylan and it’s certainly not music to relax to on Sunday afternoon!

Combining elements of Grime and Punk, Industrial and Hardcore, the London duo’s debut release We Live Here has seen them quickly become cult favourites among underground music fans. Deemed by the music industry as too extreme to release, the duo were not to be dissuaded, self-releasing the EP on Bandcamp only in an effort to make it available to everyone.

Yet, it is not just the ear-splitting hip-hop enthused punk that has been drawing fans, but also the strong issues that the band choose to confront. Racism, police brutality, throw-away culture, disenfranchised youth, systemic oppression are all tackled in lyrics that hold no punches and obvious comparisons to Sleaford Mods have been made by the observant amongst us.

What better way to start the week!

Bob Vylan play The Musician, Crafton St West on Tuesday 3rd August, Doors 7pm. Support comes from Witch Fever. Tickets are priced at £10 and are available from See Tickets.

Preview writted by Cain Barrisklill

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