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Reviews of tracks by Leicester bands and artists

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I usually write about live music. Leicester has a rich seam of recorded music – so, I also write about that. Records from Leicester go back a very long time. It is very gratifying, therefore, to know that there still is a constant stream of new music comings from our local bands and artists.

Some of these reviews are now being written by our volunteers.

Trevor Locke

OTÈGA Breathe review

Reviewed by Aleksandra Brzezicka.

With their second single Breathe, OTÈGA brings a breath of fresh air, taking us far away from rainy reality to the place where the sun always shines. The four-piece band, quite new to the scene, got quickly recognised for their playful R&B meets soul vibes, with Kelechi Ilo’s soothing vocal.

Breathe, easy-going and pleasant to listen to, stands out from the rest of OTÈGA’s originals, including their first single, Running Away. It does not force itself upon you but just gives you a little energy kick after a tiring day. Perfect soundtrack for a hot summer afternoon with a bottle of cold beer and all your mates.

The track, released on 15th March 2019 with Somewhere Records, is available on the band’s Bandcamp page.


The second single from Gazelle, Finger on the Trigger comes with a video featuring actor Stephen Graham (This Is England/Snatch/Boardwalk Empire/Pirates of the Caribbean) and will be available from all major outlets 15.12.18.

Get a preview on Facebook.

Catch Gazelle Live at the single launch at Dryden Street Social, Leicester on Saturday 15th December 2018.  MIL will be there to write the review and take photos.

Not My Good Arm

Not My Good Arm cover for Take Me Alive

I am always keen to review anything done by this band. Take Me Alive is the band’s latest track, produced in October 2018. The track has plenty of energy and verve. I love going to see this band when they play live in Leicester. Have written several reviews of their live performances.

You can hear Take Me Alive on Bandcamp.

A variety of NYGA tracks are also available on Soundcloud.


Another Leicester band whose work is widely popular and one that has been around for a very long time are Ferris with their new release,  Revolution, which has twelve songs, released in 2018 A song that has lots of vibes. Fine vocals from Scott Grocock. A splendid cocktail of indie, rock and pop. The band has been going since 2011. This is a track that conjures up a lot of resonances.

There are several tracks by Ferris band on Soundcloud.

Revolution is available on Spotify.

Gaye Bykers on Acid

There are Leicester bands and then are the bands of Leicester. GBoA is one of the greats. Whenever you look up Leicester Bands on the Internet, this band is likely to appear. Along with Kasabian, Showaddywaddy, Diesel Park West, Cornershop, Crazyhead, and quite a few others.

The band’s latest release is called Baptising The Alien.

See the band’s group page on Facebook.

and also see Tony Byker’s page.

Musicians from this band are also members of other groups.


Debeats cover for new track What’s Really Going On

Another of the iconic groups of Leicester is Dedbeats, whose musical offering of trashy rock and roll, punk, grunge and blues is appreciated by a large slice of the local rockerati, myself included, if I might say so, and has been for a long time. Their latest track – What’s Really Going On – is on Bandcamp. It is the final track from the band’s debut EP. The song was released on October but was recorded in 2017 at Seamus Wong Studio, Leicester. On the track, you can hear the vocals of Rhett Barrow.

Another track I would recommend is Change Will Come, also on Bandcamp.

Saviours of Music

This is a group you probably have not heard of; if you have, then well done. The tracks have vocals by James Robinson and Tom Haywood. It’s hip-hop. Rapping. But inventive. Edgy. On the webpage, it says ‘It’s about gambling addiction, Gillette Soccer Saturday and… Chris Kamara!’ None of which I understand. But hey. I listened to it for the music!


One artist who nearly always has now music on offer is Leicester rapper Jonezy.

The Excellent Adventures

Never Been Better is a track we heard in August. This is a Leicester band that is making headway with its music.

Worth a listen on Spotify.

I liked the style and vibrancy of this track. It’s certainly not the usual run-of-the-mill stuff. I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from the band, next year.

Find out more about The Excellent Adventures on Facebook.

Siobhan Mazzei (Band)

Siobhan Mazzei band’s Consumed by Chaos tour took them to Brighton, Sheffield, Nottingham, Liverpool, Kettering, Kimberley, Norwich and Derby and their Leicester date featured their EP Launch in October. On 2nd December, Siobhan posted: ‘Well well well…the “Consumed by Chaos Tour” is officially done and dusted. We had an absolute blast and I honestly couldn’t have managed it without my tremendously awesome band, all the promoters, support acts and bar owners and my darling other half (occasional driving and moral support). Thank you to the amazing fans that have supported this journey so far and attended the gigs.’

It’s clearly been a big year for Siobhan. The EP for Consumed by Chaos is on Spotify.

You can hear the track Never There. And What Have I Become, Recycled, and I’m Not Scared.

One of the great song artists of Leicester. See the band’s website.

Finches of Attica

This is one of my favourite bands and they got in touch to tell me about  Far From Like Myself. They said, “We are very pleased to announce we will be releasing our first album in the coming weeks. A lot of time, effort and work has been put in to create the best possible album we could produce and we are looking forward to releasing it to you.”

You can see this on YouTube, together with others in this series

Steven Faulkner

Steven Faulkner at Simon Says 2016. Photo: Pascal Pereira Photography.

Leicester singer Steve Faulkner has a new song out called Makes Me Sick. It came out on 19th October. I have followed this artist for many years and whenever I see him playing live, I am always amazed (and very entertained.)

Follow Steve on Facebook.

Michael Vickers

Another singer whose career I have long followed is Michael Vickers.  Still going strong, Michael is a power-house of good music. He is also one of the most enjoyable performers to see live.  He has a big back-catalogue of recorded music. No shortage of his own songs to enjoy.

On 25th October, Leicester singer Michael Vickers said ‘Still buzzing hard from yesterday’s show at Rough Trade Records! And as always, a massive thank you to everyone that came out their way to see me do what I do?
My single, Michael said, Around You is going to be released on Friday and its gonna be aired on next week’s BBC Introducing show along with an interview so watch this space

See Around You on Facebook.

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