Preview – AMPOP 2: Sugar Rush! at The Soundhouse, Monday 22nd July 2019

This gig is organised by Amateur Pop Incorporated.

Put on your dance shoes and hit The Soundhouse on July 22 for a fresh dose of the coolest pop in town.

Sugar Rush! will actually make your heart beat faster with their lively garage janky pop punk. It’s chaotically cute, inappropriately entertaining and weirdly charming. For the fans of Spook School and RVIVR who hate meat, Tories and gender.
Lo-fi pop group Adults, for the first time in Leicester, will bring on their indie tunes about MSN, feeling shitty and kissing cousins. Despite admitting to trying to desperately rip off their favourite bands, they don’t really sound like anything else.
Local DIY alternative trio Boarder is back with fuzz pop tracks, End of The Day and Bad Roots, recently released as a combined single. Get ready for a laid-back trip on their hypnotic, 90s inspired, slow grunge.

Members of Jitterz, Kermes and Grace Petrie‘s band have combined forces that resulted in a new-born acoustic indie-punk act, Small Man Society (acoustic). With a crew like that, it’s obligatory to check them out. Especially as there’s no music online yet.

Get yourself £5 advance ticket online and be aware of Safe(r) Spaces Policy.