Review – Dawn of Anubis at The Shed, Thursday 7th March 2019

with Enemy of Atlas, Kendarri, Prism and Unseen Underground

Reviewed by Alex Velikova.

On the 7th of March The Shed was shaken by the DMU Rock Society and the bands which it brought to The Vault, The Shed’s basement venue.

First up were the softest band on the bill Unseen Underground, who were a fantastic warm up, with their covers of both The Beatles and David Bowie, even though at the beginning, the lead singer had trouble hearing his guitar, they quickly moved past it and played some original songs. Overall, they did an amazing job at interacting with the crowd and getting everyone ready for the next band.

Unseen Underground Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Once Unseen Underground were off the stage Prism swiftly took over. Theyplayed a variety of covers including songs from bands such as Gojira and Tool. Even though the vocals seemed quite lost at times, the instrumental and the musicianship of the band kept them strong.

Prism Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Next up we had Kendarri who smashed their performance and did an amazing job with mixing covers and original songs into an eclectic performance, which left the crowd pleasantly surprised.

Kendarri Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Enemy of Atlas, who we interviewed, were the next band on the bill and the main support for headliners Dawn of Anubis. Enemy of Atlas brought their ‘A’ game and left the crowd wanting more after each and every song. Not only was their music fantastic, but the lead singer Haydn Brine had amazing chemistry with the crowd. Enemy of Atlas brought the Birmingham hardcore scene with them, leaving the members of the Leicester scene impressed. Overall Enemy of Atlas were the strongest band on the bill with crazy tracks and amazing crowd control.

Watch this video of Alex Velikova interviewing Enemy of Atlas and their performance of Bloodshot at this gig.

Enemy of Atlas Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Lastly, we had the headliners Dawn of Anubis, even though they had quite the show to follow up, they did an outstanding job at keeping the crowd active and engaged during their whole set. Dawn of Anubis proved themselves to be a strong headliner and have asserted themselves as a band to watch.

Dawn of Anubis Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Overall the rock society and their organizer Will Lewis did a good job at creating an event for the alternative and heavy metal loving community in Leicester.

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