Review – Glastonbudget Festival, Friday 3rd June 2022

Oasish. Photo (c) Kevin Gaughan

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Reviewed by Kevin Gaughan

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After generally milling around, enjoying my beer and soaking up the atmosphere at Glastonbudget for the early afternoon bands, the Mrs and I headed for the front at the Main stage for Amy A Tribute – the Mrs decided she wasn’t too keen as the music didn’t quite take us into a total Amy Winehouse experience, but her ample band and backing singers produced some sweet jazz sounds, so it was all good.

Amy A Tribute. Photo © Kevin Gaughan

Half way through Amy’s set I decided to hot-foot it over to the Icon stage to see one of many regulars from the local music scene, rapper, Jonezy. Wholesome, dynamic and fun – he’s one for audience participation – I just about managed to clap in time to his various rhythms, as instructed, without spilling (much) of my pint.

Rapping to his backing tracks, he was very entertaining to watch and does write some decent tunes with positive sentiments like Lives not Knives and We need to Love, an inspiring set from this young chap – and he knows how to own the stage, all on his own.

Jonezy. Photo © Kevin Gaughan

It was now time to get my paper crown and stand in line at the Main stage so that we could be counted for the record-breaking attempt for the largest crowd to wear a paper crown in any one place at one time! – the proceeds from the crowns all going to Age UK Leicestershire & Rutland.

Record-breaking attempt. Photo © Kevin Gaughan

Having missed New Joy in the Big Top (New Order tribute) – one day, I’d like to see them, perhaps next year, but it was time to see Eryx London, also on the Icon Stage.

Eryx London, as the name suggests, were originally from London, but now Leicestershire & Newark-on-Trent based. Bass guitarist Ali has been in several of my favourite local bands (The Flying Kangaroos and New Age Grace), so I was looking forward to seeing what awesomeness he is part of now.

Eryx London. Photo © Kevin Gaughan

Although only having a smallish crowd (they were competing with Stereotonics on the Main Stage), I loved the music, rough, growling, attitude laiden vocals from Eryx with pulsating, driving, rocky rhythms – again, Ali seemed to have hit it off with another decent band – hope he stays a bit longer this time – musically, I loved their set.

They may not have picked up many new fans at Glastonbudget, but they certainly got at least one (me!!!).

Having missed the Stereotonics, The Police Academy and The Pistols (Sex Pistols tribute), ALL of whom I wanted to see, I then landed one local favourite, Abandon Her in the Loco Marquee.

Although a local four-piece, they always seem to be an acoustic two-piece whenever I see them – which may be just as well as I often prefer stripped-down versions of bands, especially when they are as good quality as these two. Performing a mixture of their own songs as well as their own take on some popular covers including Amy Macdonald’s This is the Life.

Abandon Her. Photo © Kevin Gaughan

Ooozing with lashings of lovely harmonies, these two are always easy on the ears and provide some lovely tunes to boot. Having said I prefer stripped-down performances, I am curious to see what they’d be like as a band.

Next up on my clash-sheet were Leicester alternative rockers, Gavin & The Laas. Competing with The Ed Sheeran Experience on the main stage, the crowd was reasonable and some people were dancing to their up-beat original tunes with catchy hooks in abundance.

Gavin & The Laas. Photo © Kevin Gaughan

Following on from Gavin & The Laas were my personal Glastonbudget favourites, Oasish. Playing all the Oasis classics, frontman, Paul, does a fantastic job of capturing all the nuances and mannerisms of Liam Gallagher to provide a very entertaining show between songs.

He probably comes out with the same stuff each year, but I find it hilarious! and the music is fantastic and quite poignant at times.

Oasish. Photo © Kevin Gaughan

During their set, a tribute was made to a Glastonbudget stage manager, Nigel and John and Iain from The Jamm and Four Fighters respectively as they had passed away since the last Glastonbudget in 2019.

Oasish. Photo © Kevin Gaughan

After Oasish, and not wanting this party to end, I replenished my pint and exchanged some robust blokey humour from the happy chappies at the well-stocked real-ale marquee and meandered over to the VIP tent to enjoy some late-night covers by the wonderfully entertaining Helen Dellamere Downey.

Helen Delamere Downey. Photo © Kevin Gaughan

Helen performed a great up-tempo set of well-known classics which were the perfect tonic after such a busy day.

It wasn’t long before I could hear my bed in the caravan calling, so off I meandered while reflecting back on another amazing, and (hopefully) record-breaking day at Glastonbudget!

Glastonbudget 2022 review overview

Glastonbudget 2022 review Thursday

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