Review – LIFE at The Cookie, Tuesday 5th November 2019

LIFE photo by Keith Jobey

The gig was organised by  The Cookie

Reviewed by Aleksandra Brzezicka

After LIFE’s set at Handmade Festival 2019 (read our review here), there was little, if any, chance that their so high set bar of absolute amazingness could ever be beaten. Then they came back, played at The Cookie and made us all go completely mad.

That’s LIFE. From Hull.

Despite their second album A Picture Of Good Health being slightly less political and more personal, there is always a place for raging roasting of government and screaming along with the vocalist, Mez Green, ‘F*ck Tories.’

LIFE Photo: Keith Jobey

Opening up with Excites Me, they’ve made already a pretty excited crowd, an ecstatic mass of joy. Despite being placed somewhere in the positive post-punk wave that’s currently flooding basements of local venues, LIFE does not only put us in a good mood. It’s rowdy riffs and shouty go-to mantra lyrics boil our blood while we’re squeaking from pleasure. Never felt more alive. Dedicated to the youth, live version of In Your Hands wasn’t another p*ss-taking pseudo-motivating anthem but an authentic smack in the ass.

LIFE Photo: Keith Jobey

LIFE is a cruel dictator who orders not to give up. To look in the eyes of nihilistic nonsense, pre-packed pointless future and spit in its face. Euromillions made a mockery of ‘the right side of the law.’ It’s A Con revealed consumer’s culture art of fakery. Bum Hour, a groovy earworm, let the moral obligations go for a moment of relaxation. If you can relax in the wild mosh pit where you’re not sure whether you jump bumped into your mate or a band member.

Life is a political and emotional turmoil of disturbing, deeply throat-cutting lyrics with nonchalantly nuclear instrumental, thrown into the irony soaking existential void. Not a smooth pill to swallow. Still, LIFE’s fiery performance, led by charmingly charismatic Mez, turned us into addicts.

Now, all we want to do is to get high on LIFE. Hope that the new dose is about to arrive because it’s the best I’ve taken in months.

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