Review – Sorry at The Cookie, Tuesday 4th February 2020

I’m sorry for anyone who missed Sorry this Tuesday at The Cookie. They’re the hottest femme-fatale available, here to steal your hearts.

In the whole political and f*ck Brexit trend in the British alternative scene, Sorry, in a truly The Velvet Undergroundesque style, are just not bothered. Instead of commenting on re-heated dramas, they blow a cheeky kiss and shed a single tear as a response. It’s not that they’re ignorant. They’ve got better things to talk about.

With Mad World as an intro, they get on with their Tears For Fears inspired ode to fame, Right Round The Clock. A little silly and very flamboyant. A perfect single. ‘The dreams in which we’re famous are the best I’ve ever had,’ sang in Asha’s silky smooth voice.

If not for a few lads at the front (thanks for being rowdy af), you could forget you’re at the show and got sucked into Sorry’s kind of soft Lynch-like fantasy. Rarely you can see a show so coherent, so whole. It’s not only that instrumental and Asha’s vocals seem to play in some holy harmony. Treatment of the set, with studio samples and voiceovers in between songs, like a complete piece of art, compelling.

With 925 debut album coming this Spring on Domino Recording Co., naturally, they filled the show with previously unreleased tunes (Snakes and In Unison, can’t wait to put 925 on the endless loop in my playlist), a new single More (seriously sick) and a mix of older but still golden tracks. Showgirl sounded live as dazzling as I imagined her to.
Sorry are decadents who play fuzzy grunge for our generation’s neo-romantics. They’re re-inventing the new decade’s attitude so you can have it both ways. Frown on your broken heart while chain-smoking weed or stay up all night, preferably with a rock ‘n’ roll star. Either way, no need to be sorry. Enjoy.

Watch Sorry perform Lies at the gig:


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Reviewed by Aleksandra Brzezicka

Organised by The Cookie

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