Michael Vickers at Oxjam, 28th October 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Singers, soloists and duos

from Leicester in 2019

This page lists singers, solo artists and duos and acoustic acts that we know about for 2017 to 2019.

These acts can be singer/songwriters, singers who work mainly with covers, rappers, hip-hop artists, instrumentalists and small acoustic groups including duos.

This listing is being updated. Page last updated:  2nd May 2019.

Carlos Stein (Leicester) singer and songwriter, loop specialist See Facebook.

Courtney Askey (Leicester) singer/songwriter, Alternative indie grunge and folk. Covers and originals.  See Facebook.

Dan Wright (Leicester) singer/songwriter, See Facebook.

Dully Chowe (Leicester) rapper See Facebook.

Emily Carr (Leicester) Singer/songwriter, See Facebook,  music on Soundcloud.

Greg Poole (Leicester) Singer/songwriter, See Facebook.

Hugh McManners. See website.

Joe Doyle (a.k.a. Homeless Shakespeare) (Leicester) singer and songwriter and musician See him on Facebook

John Fryer (Leicester) singer See Facebook.

‘Stories Part 2’ album cover by Jonezy November 2016

Jonezy (Leicester) See Jonezy’s website.

Les Eastham (Leicester) singer See Facebook.

Luke Broughton (Leicester)  Folk See website.

Matt Henshaw (Leicester) singer/songwriter See Facebook.

Michael Vickers (Leicester) singer/songwriter See Facebook and Michael Vickers Website.

Nike K. McGregor (Leicester) singer/songwriter band member See Facebook.

Patrick J Hart (Leicester) singer and songwriter, classic rock and Americana. Covers and original songs.  See his website.

Paul J Roberts, from Leicester, see Facebook. Singer and songwriter.  Indie. Covers and Originals.

Reuben Wisner (Leicester) singer/songwriter See Facebook

Siobhan Mazzei. Photo by Nile McGregor. at Dryden Street Leicester on 14th October 2017

Siobhan Mazzei (Leicester) singer/songwriter See Facebook

Toby Joe Leonard (Leicester) singer/songwriter See Facebook.

Tonkda (Anthony Knott) We learned of the sad death of Tony Knott. A great singer and musician who will long be remembered (April 30th, 2019)

Tony Alles (Leicester) Singer See Facebook.

This list was originally published on 19th January 2017.

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