Single review – Ben Steer, Indestructible

When listening to Ben Steer’s new song ‘Indestructible’ you simply can’t help but sing and dance along.
The powerful drums and vocals and the relatable subject matter result in the desire of the listener to uncontrollably scream-sing along with Steer.
The lyrics of ‘Indestructible’ describe how difficult it can be to try and move on from a failed relationship when you see them constantly on social media. The song weighs up how healthy it is to be able to continue to follow every move of an ex-partner on social media following a breakup.

The modern listener can absolutely relate to what Ben Steer sings about in ‘Indestructible’. As everyone posts their highlights on social media – filtered versions of their best moments – it can be difficult to see an ex allegedly living their best life on social media while you feel your world falling apart. Ben Steer perfectly encapsulates the feelings of anger and despair that comes with this experience as well as the exhaustion of trying to uphold a positive image on your own social media.

Steer takes inspiration from Biffy Clyro and Imagine Dragons which can be clearly felt throughout the track in the fast-paced nature and intense vocals. There are also certain elements of the song which are reminiscent of Tori Amos’ famous track ‘Cornflake Girl’ such as the offbeat chops and the powerful focus on emotion in storytelling.
Steer possesses an incredibly impressive vocal range of which he has a clear understanding as he dips into falsetto now and then, proving that he can face-off against the major vocalists of the age. The tone of his voice is lovely, airy, and light yet powerful.

The reverb on the vocals and string plucks are wonderfully balanced to provide clear contrast between the airiness of the vocals and the harder aspects of the chorus when the drums are introduced. The reverb also homogenises the music, setting it in a perfect environment to flourish.

While the song is overall delightfully textured and full-bodied, there are subtle differences between each verse as Steer utilises a variety of tones that complement each other. One of the most distinct differences is between the minimalist intro and the powerful, crunchy chorus.

An interesting point to note about the track is that the drums were recorded in a local church while the rest of the instruments were recorded in Steer’s bedroom. The mixture of this rare atmospheric recording of the drums along with the more classic DIY approach to the rest of the instruments just serves to add to the uniqueness of the track.

As mentioned earlier, the song is impossible not to move to. Towards the end of the song, the use of distortion gives a gritty feel to the guitar and drums which makes you want to headbang.

In this song, the drum fills are nicely panned across the stereo field which sets the impression of width and space. Because of this, I highly recommend listening to this track with headphones and letting yourself feel the music entirely.

Blasting this track through headphones is more than just listening to music, it’s an entire full-body experience.

Stream/download Indestructible here.

Reviewed by Nanci Rawsthorne.

Release date 8th September 2021

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