Single review – Spacetoast, Bedroom Song

Release date: 21/12/19

Reviewed by Aleksandra Brzezicka

2019 was THE year for Spacetoast. They’ve broken through a glass ceiling of just-another-college-band label and rocketed to the ranks of one of the hottest acts on the local scene.

Having played their fair share of gigs (e.g. supporting Declan Welsh & The Decadent West), released four tracks, Spacetoast is here to make the final statement. With brand new single, Bedroom Song.

Photo: Spacetoast at The O2 Academy by Kevin Gaughan

Compared to their previous releases, Bedroom Song, starts with a pretty sweet guitar riff, is less like the energy-loaded bullets that we’re used to hearing from them. Here, the whole substance seems to be filtered through the subtle lenses of distortion. Layers of vocals and instrumental pressed tightly together to create a wholesome, softly grungy, piece.

It captures the moment of standing on the edge of love-canyon, paralysed and terrified to make the first step into the unknown which calls for you with a sweet voice of temptation and creeping affection. Lyrics ‘I can feel it growing stronger and I’m wary/That I want that’ and ‘Suddenly alone/And I don’t like it/In the corner of my eye I leave a seat reserved for two’ unmask the ultimate desire for love, for meaning, in spite of putting on a brave face of denial.

Bedroom Song is a collective emotional nightmare of our Tinder-obsessed stubborn generation. The mental picture of the internal war that no-one wants to fight. In the end, you will either hopelessly fall in love, vulnerable, or stay on the battlefield, ever-confused.

They try to play it cool ‘til the end with the final line ‘I don’t want you or so I say/Or so I say.’ There is no need for that game. Spacetoast, we want you. We love you.
Make sure to get a ticket for Spacetoast’s single release launch gig (with Factory Girls, Velvet Blush and The Webs) at The Shed.

Bedroom Song will be available on all major streaming platforms and the band’s social media on December 21, you can pre-order it here.

Get tickets for Spacetoast’s single launch gig on Saturday 21st December 2019 here.

Click here for Spacetoast’s web site.