Single review – Tin Pigeons, Another Time

Reviewed by Nanci Rawsthorne

Released on 27/11/20

Tin Pigeons’ indie-pop banger Another Time brings some well-needed light and warmth to these dark and wintery months.

With a great beat, sincere yet catchy lyrics, and tremendous production value Another Time is the song of the summer – in December!

Hidden behind the catchiness of the lyrics is also a great story of the importance of being selfish sometimes and the hopefulness of potentially making a relationship work in another life.
The song repeats the motif of seeing in colour but listening to Another Time feels like hearing in colour! It’s an engulfing track that just makes you want to get up and dance and sing – a feeling we could all do with at the minute.

The closest band I can compare them to is probably indie-pop group Cassia as their bouncy feel and summery vibes are quite similar. It’s clear that Tin Pigeons have taken inspiration from other indie-pop powerhouses as well, such as Bombay Bicycle Club and Two Door Cinema Club to establish their sound.

But somehow, they manage to be comfortingly familiar as well as startlingly unique – especially with singer Fraser’s voice remaining a powerful aspect of the song without being overshadowed by the attractive drum beat as is common in some other indie-pop anthems.

With their funky beats and catchy lyrics, I can imagine that seeing them at a festival would be an absolute dream!

The duo has performed the festival circuit a number of times as well as supporting bands on tour such as Fickle Friends, OUTLYA and Billie Marten to name just a few. Seeing them live must be a great experience if listening to their music out of my laptop speakers is as exciting as this!

Alongside other great hits by Tin Pigeons such as Closer and Good Goodbye, Another Time solidifies their infectious brand of indie-pop and makes it clear that the duo are here to stay.
After listening to the track a few times to start my review I find myself quietly singing along as I write. Another Time is just so catchy and feels like the fresh and exciting indie track I’ve been searching for without realising it.

With over 6,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and multiple features on the radio it’s obvious that Tin Pigeons are well on their way to becoming a major influence in the indie scene. The strength of production and musicianship on Another Time only serves to prove this.

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