Single review – Vona Vella, Sun

Release date: 23/09/2020

Reviewed by Imogen Cresswell

“This is the way for me…”

Combining two great artists into one, newly-branded Vona Vella are here to take you to a sunny place with their new single Sun, which was released on the 23rd of September this year. The two members, Izzy Davis and Dan Cunningham (AKA Izzy and Dan), have frequently shown their talents off in venues around Leicester and Loughborough as a duo, utilising their talents to win over countless people.

Vona Vella have graced the stages of open mic nights, acoustic sessions, gradually working their way up to the top where they had won Glastonbudget acoustic act of the year 2019. It is great news to hear that Vona Vella have teamed up to produce a well-anticipated track.

Sun is a wonderfully crafted track, but what makes it a masterpiece are the greatly managed vocal arrangements. To be able to sustain such fluid, distinguished and coordinated harmonies lasting the whole duration of the song is truly something to applaud. There is no competition against each artist at all; it is clear they can appreciate each other’s presence in the track to make it count towards being a hit. In just under two minutes, Vona Vella have given their all and proven their abilities, while also showing just how in-sync the pair really are with each other. They are never short of groovy chord progressions that absolutely bring out the uniqueness of their music. The small twinkles of the keys and leading guitar could not be any more peaceful than the very setting Vona Vella are willing to place you in. 

The lyrics of Sun reflect a particular urge to get up and out of bed and motivates you to live that sunny lifestyle to give you a brighter life. However the more you listen to the lyrics, especially towards the start, you can see that Vona Vella are nostalgic about the sun and the days that came with it. They miss the better days and every day just feels the same without that extra bit of warmth and light. 

Such musical influences that are present in Sun include the strong but controlled vocals of Amy Winehouse. Vona Vella’s clear, almost jazzy vocals combined with the easy-flowing tempo of the track can remind you of some of the classic performances that Amy had done. The tone of the track is light and refreshing and contains a nice balance of sounds. This is much like Jason Mraz, in which he often produces similar coffee-shop guitar melodies, in which Vona Vella have successfully reproduced, ensuring they are kind on the ears of their listeners. The song overall possesses similar energy to that of Eliza Doolittle’s version of Pack up your Troubles. The light-heartedness of that easy listening voice and essence is a signature of what capabilities Vona Vella own. 

You can listen to Sun here.

Self-proclaimed alternative pop-folk duo Izzy and Dan had only intended to be an entertainment band, until they realised over the course of the lockdown triggered by COVID-19 that their writing skills could change the course of their careers and therefore rebranded themselves Vona Vella.

It is very exciting news to hear that Vona Vella are dedicating themselves to a fresher route; who knows what they will achieve. It has been mentioned they aim to release an EP in due time, and after listening to this track, it is certainly something I shall be keeping an eye out for. 

Watch the video for the acoustic version of Sun here.

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