7th April 2017

Skam at the Scholar

with Hell’s Addiction.

Tonight’s show at The Scholar Bar, part of Leicester’s O2 Academy, was one of those moments in the musical life of Leicester; a moment that meant something special.

Hells Addiction in 2014.
Photo: Steve Kilminster

The show was started by Hell’s Addiction. Hard rock. Oh hell yes! Nothing flaccid about what these guys do. This is a band we have seen many times before. They have played with Skam many times before. One of the great hard rock bands of our local area. Sensational vocals from lead singer Ben Sargent. This is a band we have reviewed many times before; take for example the time we saw them at Firebug in 2013 A large audience had gathered at O2 tonight; very gratifying that there are bands from our local area that can fill a venue. Read more about Hell’s Addiction on Music in Leicester.

Skam is a band that was among the very first Leicester groups that I came to know, back in the day… the day when I get started going to gigs and writing about bands. For many years I have watched this band go through several transformations but in all of that time their traction has never waned, never decreased and they have always remain at the top of my list of the great bands of Leicester.

Matthew Gilmore of Skam in 2015.
Photo: Trevor Sewell

The three musicians of Skam – Steve Hill, Matthew Gilmore and Neal Hill – are among the best, the biggest stars and rock gods of our local scene and further afield. Seeing them perform and play has always been a privilege. Tonight’s by this remarkable trio brought back many happy memories for me and, no doubt, for many of those in the room who have been following them for decades.

Steve Hill of Skam in 2015.
Photo: Trevor Sewell

In particular, Steve Hill, Skam’s lead singer, is one of the very best vocalists and guitar players I have ever seen. His previous performances have taught me what rock music stardom is all about.

Bassists do not often come into the spotlight; one of the exceptions to this is Matthew Gilmore. He is both a gifted bass player and a fine singer. Above all he has delighted fans with his humour and stage craft in a way not seen with any other instrumentalist.

The Skamobile ouitside the Musician, 18th November 2016.

Drummers come and drummers go; but Neal Hill is one whose work has graced some of the best ever bands on the Leicester circuit over many years. Neal is a singing drummer! That marks him out in my books.

Today, Skam is one of the outstanding bands of Leicester. A defining part of our local rock music. Their commitment is impressive; their achievements considerable and they show us what musical entertainment is all about. Members of Skam are also consummate song writers; they know how to make memorable songs. Stage presence, musicality, showmanship – tonight Skam showed us all of these qualities.

Skam at The Musician, 18th November 2016. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Tonight’s show formed part of the band’s 2017 tour, which will take them to Bristol, Selby, Norwich and London.

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