The Blackout at Leicester’s O2 Academy

On the 15th of December

The Blackout Perform an intimate show at Leicester’s O2 Academy

This month we caught welsh rockers The Blackout on their ‘Final Party’ tour at the O2 Academy 2 in Leicester. We sent reporters Olly Stabler and Jamie Borland to review the evening.

First on was ‘Rat Attack’, a 4 piece ‘party punk’ band from Exeter. These guys were really rocking out tonight and put a huge willy into their performance. They had a good overall sound but didn’t play any songs that stood out as hit records to me. They did their very best to get the crowd going and seemed to be enjoyed by most at the gig. – Olly stabler

Next to grace the stage were Derbyshire rockers Lost Alone. I reviewed them back in December when they supported The Darkness, and here’s what I had to say…

“Next on were a rock band from Derby called LostAlone. I have seen these guys twice before and have always been impressed by them. Tonight was no different, with lead guitarist/vocalist Steven being a real show man and performing all over the stage. The band were overflowing with energy, and would be a good model for any band that lacks energy to aspire to. The band played all their old songs as well as a few new songs off their upcoming album, which featured a very catchy song called Guilty. Their next album is one to watch out for!”

Tonight the band was just as good. Frontman, Steven Bettelle, took advantage of the small crowd present and jumped into the crowd to play a guitar solo. Overall, another thoroughly entertaining watch. – Olly Stabler

Lost Alone’s Steven Bettelle – Photography by Amy Percival

Finally we come to our headliners of the night, The Blackout. These guys performed an outstanding set of 14 songs ranging from new to the old stuff such as ‘Children Of The Night’, ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’, and then newer songs, ‘Start The Party’ and ‘Radio’. As mentioned previously, the venue suffered from a small crowd and so one of 2 frontmen, Sean Smith made up for that by jumping off stage partying with the crowd for the first 5 songs of their set. Overall, the band was outstanding. The small crowd really got a treat-in fact I feel it was better that it wasn’t a sell out show as it was a lot more interactivity. – Jamie Borland (Edited by Olly Stabler)

The Blackout’s Gavin Butler – Photography by Amy Percival

The Blackout’s setlist:

1. I’m a Riot? You’re a Fucking Riot
2. We’re Going to Hell… So Bring The Sunblock
3. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
4. Said & Done
5. Higher & Higher
6. Running Scared
7. Hope (Scream It Out Loud)
8. Children Of The Night
9. Ambition Is Critical
10. The Storm
11. Radio
12. Save Our Selves (The Warning)
13. Shut The Fuck Uppercut
14. Start The Party

The Blackout – Photography by Amy Percival

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