The Last Dandys

Stu Crown from The Bobcats

31 January 2014

The Soundhouse

The Dirty G’s, The Bobcats, The Last Dandys

There is a buzz about The Dirty G’s just now. Stu Crown said:

Forget about that knob on your amp going up to 11 – these guys pretty much turn it all the way round! A very well oiled, loud, blues rock music machine fuelled by the tears of those who are not worthy! The Dirty Gs have a fantastic ability to keep coming with more power, more drive and more killer riffs time and time again. With solid hard-hitting drums and bass playing that sounds like something out of a Led Zeppelin album, guitar work that will melt your face and lyrics that are torn straight from the book of life I for one am very much looking forward to hearing much more from this trio. My advise to you? GO AND SEE THIS BAND! You will not be disappointed.

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The Bobcats at The Soundhouse
The Bobcats at The Soundhouse

Leicester blues trio The Bobcats is making waves on the local circuits. Most people who have seen them, even if not aficionados of blues music, have said they are brilliant. Armed with Stu Crown’s belt-sander vocals, the six-string basing of Dan Fraser-Betts and workmanship on the skins from Boppa, this is a band to follow.

The Bobcat’s songs have plenty of attitude and come straight from the soul, true to life and rich in experience, rough and raw, big hats and beard-power, what they do comes straight out of their musical cores, they never play a song, exactly the same, twice. They make their amps bleed and Stu Crown’s guitar solos will make your jaw drop. The songs are untamed, powered with strong feelings, forceful and rich in mood and colour.

You can see The Bobcats at Pi Bar’s free gig on Saturday 15th February.

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Hinckley’s Catbone is a three-piece band with a lot of stompy songs and foot-tapping tunes. The band’s infectious, fast-paced sounds drew a goodly crowd down to the front of the house. Upbeat and vibrant, Catbone knew how to rock.

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The Last Dandys
The Last Dandys

The headline band for tonight’s show was The Last Dandys. A grunge/blues trio from Leicestershire, with an exhilarating set of songs they had two good singers and a set list that packed a punch. Plenty of stage presence, they caught the mood of the crowd. The band’s CD has some good tracks on it; recorded at Highbury Studio, it reminded me how attractive and engaging their songs were.

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