The Rogue Network at Pi Bar, 21st April, 2018

with Scarlet Suns and The Flying Kangaroo Alliance

Tonight’s show was organised by Dreaming in Colour Productions.

Reviewed by Keith Jobey

It’s a warm Saturday evening and Dreaming In Colour productions have a stellar line-up of bands at Pi Bar and as is the norm here, it’s free entry. But will the thunder clouds that are brewing outside be matched by an electric storm inside?

Scarlet Suns are up first, a ‘Uni’ band who have brought a decent crowd. Opening with ‘Tick Tick Boom’ by The Hives they immediately impress, they have a good sound and the dynamics are right. Admitting that they have none of their own material to play, they continue with a set of covers. It’s only their second gig so hopefully we’ll soon see them producing original songs and taking the next steps as a band. Keep an eye on them.

Scarlet Suns Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Music In Leicester regularly sang the praises of the next band, Flying Kangaroo Alliance, until their parting of ways. Now, after an absence of three years we are here to witness their return. It’s a new line-up, apart from driving force Meri Everitt up front, and it’s a line-up that makes them sound a little heavier and a touch faster.

The strong set is full of their ‘old’ stuff apart from ‘Zombie’, a tribute to recently departed Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries). The question hanging over the evening though is ‘will it last?’ I guess that’s a case of wait and see, but fingers crossed they continue since this was a very strong performance from a recently assembled group of very capable musicians who each contributed something new to music. It was great to hear FKA again, Meri’s music is too good to languish about unused.

Watch this video, by Kevin Gaughan, of Flying Kangaroo Alliance cover of The Cranberries Zombie, performing LIVE at this gig.
Watch another video, by Kevin Gaughan, of Flying Kangaroo Alliance, performing LIVE at this gig.

Flying Kangaroo Alliance Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Headliners The Rogue Network have travelled down from Manchester, and in case you don’t know feature former Flying Kangaroo Alliance bassist Keeley. From the first song it’s evident that they’re an accomplished act.

Fronting the band, Gerallt Williams supplies some wonderful riffs and harmonises sweetly with Keeley as they provide us with a bluesy rock set peppered with catchy tunes, ‘This Is Reality’ already lodged in my head. Like all of the bands tonight, the line-up has only recently fully formed, although I’m told they were lacking their keyboard player on the night with whom no doubt they would have wowed the enthusiastic crowd even more. Here’s hoping the Leicester connection brings them back here.

Watch this video, by Kevin Gaughan, of The Rogue Network, performing LIVE at this gig.

The Rogue Network Photo: Kevin Gaughan