The Virginmarys at The Soundhouse, 6th April 2018

with Callum Cook, Kynch and Dig Lazarus

Tonight’s show was organised by Casbah Music Management and Promotions.

Reviewed by Greta Taylor (Greta’s local music blog)

We found ourselves at The Soundhouse in Leicester once again last Friday this time to see Macclesfield rockers The Virginmarys, who, the night before, had played a sold out Sheffield show, Leicester being the second sold out show of the tour. Going in I was very tired and ready for a night of good music and I was not disappointed as all the bands brought an energy to the room that even had the drunk people at the back screaming and dancing along.

Opening up the night was the lovely Callum Cook of No More Heroes who I had seen play previously with his band. His covers and original songs in an acoustic format where mellow and well received by the people around me having a little dance, beers in hand. I’m usually quite hard to impress when it comes to one man and his guitar kind of performance’s but this was definitely one of the good ones.

Callum Cook Photo: Kevin Gaughan

What followed was without question the complete opposite of an acoustic set with young Nottingham band Kynch. Okay, so let me start by saying that this band is great and I have no idea why I have never heard of them before, because I’m pretty sure all mention of them has somehow missed my ears. This band are loud and full of life, they really connect with each other on stage and are bringing back that punk rock sound so many people love with their own style of raspy vocals and music that will have you moving all over the place this is a band you need to listen to.

Watch this video, by Kevin Gaughan, of Kynch, performing LIVE at this gig.

Kynch Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Leicester favourite’s Dig Lazarus also took to the stage giving it their all as per usual. This was my third time seeing the ball of energy that is Dig Lazarus as I always seem to be around when they’re playing. Every time I see them there’s always a following with them and who could blame them, this time around if you were stood at the back of the packed room, Dig Lazarus were a whirl of colour and rock as they blared out their catchy songs and hard hitting riffs. As this was my third time seeing them I now feel qualified enough to tell you that this band really is amazing one and you can see why they get booked as much as they do.

Watch this video, by Kevin Gaughan, of Dig Lazarus, performing LIVE at this gig.

Dig Lazarus Photo: Kevin Gaughan

By the time headliners, The Virginmarys, got on stage the room was buzzing with people ready to see them play, decked out in band shirts and getting as close to the front as they possibly could. This band has a huge amount of fans which once again does not surprise me with the amount of achievements this band has under their belt.

The Virginmarys Photo: Kevin Gaughan

The moment they got on stage you could just tell that they knew what they were doing, the crowd were going mad screeching at their every move and strum of a guitar. Each song is a blend of sound as they go from vigorous drumming and rugged vocals to classic rock riffs and soaring heartfelt vocals. The Virginmarys definitely have a good body of work and deserve the huge fan base that they do have.

Watch this video, by Kevin Gaughan, of The Virginmarys, performing LIVE at this gig.

The Virginmarys Photo: Kevin Gaughan