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Broken Witt Rebels in Leicester, July 2016

Friday 29th July 2016

Broken Witt Rebels
at The Soundhouse

with Tom McCartney, The Deadshoot, and The Jav’lins.

Tonight’s show was put on by Casbah Music and marked their first year as  promoters of gigs.

We reported on the first show put on by Casbah Music Management, also at The Soundhouse [Music in Leicester magazine]

Opening the show was solo singer Tom McCartney from Radcliffe on Trent in Nottingham. On stage with his guitar and a drummer, McCartney gave an impressive performance with his distinctive deep and gravelly voice. If you want to get an idea of what he sounds like watch him singing Hard Times A’ Commin on YouTube.

He sings blues and country. At 16, McCartney’s performance was remarkable. He has performed in Leicester before, he told me.

The Deadshoot we saw earlier this month at the Enderby music festival

The Dead Shoot at Enderby festival, July 2016
The Dead Shoot at Enderby festival, July 2016

[Music in Leicester]

Tonight the Deadshoot’s set was lively, offering a robust set of songs with plenty of thrust led by the imposing vocals of Craig Bennett; he certainly has the right kind of voice for this kind of music which the band describes as ‘blues/rock.’ On top form tonight, the band delivered a storming set that had no shortage of energy and commitment.

One Leicester band we have raved about before, many times, is The Jav’lins. Introduced by comedian Mr. Mit, they soon got into their first song.

the javlins
The Jav’lins band in 2013.

On stage was drummer Matt Potter and at the front of the stage Bryn Stilgoe also had drums. Together they had the percussive impact of the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. Tom Iliffe is an impressive singer and has appeared several times as a solo performer as well as with his band. In 2015, one of this band’s performances was listed in our highlights of the year when they supported The Bandy Thieves at The Donkey on 19th December [Music in Leicester]

In our review of that night we wrote

The first of the night’s bands – The Jav’lins – saw Tom Iliffe leading the music in a superb set, his magnificent vocals delivered with unbridled passion to the stomping beats that were bursting from the band. These songs were designed to get you stamping in time and mesmerised by Tom’s fierce singing. Exhilarating breaks following by stunning rhythms, showed us what a legendary band the Jav’lins are in Leicester’s music circles. Tom puts a volcanic level of energy into his vocals and the bassist, Bryn Stilgoe, beats his own drum as well as adding to the vocals. The result is pure drama, the kind that has placed this band at the top of the tree for local rock talent. In some songs all three of them, including the drummer Matt Potter, were singing into their microphones. Now, that’s class. Their songs were rich in classic riffs and their music style has roots in the great traditions of the blues. I see them as a Leicester band (even though they say their home town is Nuneaton) and where ever they come from they are a band of immeasurably good music. Fantastic.

[The Brandy Thieves at The Donkey]

The Jav'lins at The Donkey, 2015. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.
The Jav’lins at The Donkey, 2015.
Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Tonight, Iliffe gave a scorching performance back by two impressively good musicians. It was very good to see this back in action. They disappeared for a while when Iliffe went to Australia for a while. This is a band that produces music of a high level of excellence, exhilarating music that fill the room with lashing of drama.

In tonight’s audience were many musicians from other bands who had come down to support the show; it is always a good sign when other musicians turn up at a gig to enjoy the music of other bands. Band members pointed out that singer Tom was married recently.

The headline act for tonight was Broken Witt Rebels. This quartet from Birmingham is led by the vocals of Danny Core, with vocals by bassist Luke Davis and James Tranter on Lead Guitar and on the drums James Dudley. Earlier today they had been on Graham Wright’s show on Radio Leicester and had been interviewed by the Leicester Mercury.

Broken Witt Rebels in Leicester, July 2016
Broken Witt Rebels in Leicester, July 2016

The band describes its genre as indie, alternative, blues, rock. So did they rock? Yes. They certainly did. They delivered an exciting big band sound with robust vocals, plenty of musical bite and keeping the vibe going very successfully. There was a lot of energy and vitality to their songs.

The band has an EP – Georgia Pine – which is available on Spotify. You can also listen to Broken Witt Rebels on Soundcloud.

and they performed a song from this. The band’s set was varied in pace and tempo but was always vibrant and impactful. Songs with their roots in the blues drew enthusiastic acclaim from the audience and they have played in Leicester before.

Tonight’s show drew a sizeable audience; indeed, most of the Casbah events I have been to have been well attended. A fine performance that topped off a remarkably good evening of live music.

The band performed at the Y Not festival this month.

The band has tracks on YouTube such as this one – Guns

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Carol Anne Salusbury-Byrne of Casbah (right) with promotional t-shirts at the De Monfort Hall recently.
Carol Anne Salusbury-Byrne of Casbah (right) with promotional t-shirts at the De Montfort Hall recently.
The Harmonics with Carol of Casbah at Enderby festival, July 2016
The Harmonics with Carol of Casbah at Enderby festival, July 2016

Music in Leicester does not give awards; but if we did, Casbah would get one for Best promoter.

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