Music in September

Aztec Temples in September 2015.

Music in September 2015

Our round-up of the live music events attended by our team of reporters and photographers during the month of September 2015 and some mentions of other events. ∏

Come back to this page regularly as we update it throughout the month.

Stars take to the stage at Pride

Two of Leicester’s biggest music stars took to the stage at Leicester Pride this year on 5th September.

Sam Bailey. Photo: Trevor Sewell.
Sam Bailey.
Photo: Trevor Sewell.

Leicester singer and X-Factor winner Sam Bailey wow’ed the crowd.

Lisa Lashes. Photo: Trevor Sewell.
Lisa Lashes.
Photo: Trevor Sewell.

Internationally celebrated DJ Lisa Lashes was back again this year to provide a top class show and some exhilarating sounds.

Saturday 26th September

A big night for Leicester music

There were too many gigs going on tonight; some of us did not know where to start. Even so, Keith Jobey started at the Cookie.

Midcity and Grody head Photo: Keith Jobey
Midcity and Grody head
Photo: Keith Jobey

Midcity were joined by Bloodsugar at The Cookie.

Keith Jobey was there to tell us about it.

I went to The Soundhouse and then to The Musician.

Andrea Kenny of The Brandy Thieves Photo: RhinsoFeroSS photography
Andrea Kenny of The Brandy Thieves
Photo: RhinsoFeroSS photography

At The Musician, The Brandy Thieves put on a sensational gig, lead by the stunning voice of Andrea Kenny.

Strangler Figs at OBS February 28th 2014
Strangler Figs at OBS February 28th 2014

Supporting them were The Strangler Figs and Sean Grant, two bands we have written about before in this magazine. I absolutely love The Brandy Thieves (something tells me I’m not the only one.) This is a band that plays music that is totally amazing and lead singer Andrea Kenny is one of the best singers on the Leicester music scene. This is a band that has carved out a place for itself to the top and many people hold them in high regard. There is only one word to describe their performance tonight:  sensational. Strangler Figs is another of Leicester most widely admired bands. Back in July 2014, the band performed at The Shed with Casino Empire  [Music in Leicester] and I saw them at The Riverside Festival earlier this year.  A quality band they have a set of stylish songs that combined attractive music with a strong stage performance [Music in Leicester].

The Soundhouse saw three good bands:  The Velveteens, Aztec Temples and The Vendettas. The Vendettas played at The Soundhouse in July when they were on the line-up with The Fankleys.

Read our review of this night.

The Soundhouse event was promoted by Casbah and again comedian Mit was on hand to compere the night. After doing his stand-up roujtine, Mit introduced The Velveteens.

Velveteens at The Soundhouse
Velveteens at The Soundhouse

Three girls at the front singing and playing guitars and a male drummer at the back. Pleasing vocals for a set of lively songs, they delivered a variety set of rock ‘n’ roll and 60s vibes.

Aztec Temples at The Soundhouse
Aztec Temples at The Soundhouse

Aztec Temples, rising stars of the Leicester music scene, have an excellent set of songs. Me and my one man army, for example, is the kind of song that is easy to remember, has a punchy chorus, and often gets the audience joining in. These five football-loving lads write really memorable songs and this is what drives their popularity. New songs are coming from them thick and fast. To those of us who grew up with The Beatles, songs like I know the world is turning, are musically sticky (you remember them on the way home) and their easy lyrics, good vocal layer and foot-tapping rhythms makes them a band whose music appeals to all ages. When it comes to popular, melodic song they are outstanding.

Conor Simpson of Aztec Temples
Conor Simpson of Aztec Temples

When Casbah put on their inaugural show in July, The Vendettas were on the line-up supporting headliners The Franklys. Tonight the band from Leeds was back to headline the show.

The Brit Rock band, described as Mod Revivalists, provided strong rhythms and plenty of presence, with two good vocalists and and songs that were bursting with beats.

The Vendettas at The Soundhouse, September 26th
The Vendettas at The Soundhouse, September 26th

When I saw them the first time I said: “This is a band that has drawn plenty of acclaim and recognition; they have featured on BBC Introducing, called “insanely talented” and “they have so much energy, so much enthusiasm and a fresh and brilliant attitude to bring to the scene.” It was a pleasure to see them tonight; they fired up the crowd and energised the room big time.” I can say that again!

The Vendettas
The Vendettas

Nick Turner’s Space Gypsy was on at The Shed.

Some of my mates went to Mosh; but I went to Mash – The new alternative nightclub launched with an event by Dreaming In Colour Productions, featuring live bands Flip Like Wilson and Dig Lazarus. Previously occupied by Dielectric club, the basement venue, opposite Curve and the Athena, had had a makeover and now offers a spaciously large underground venue with a bar, DJ booth and performance area.

Friday 25th September

Friday night is auditions night and the Glastonbudget Festival selectors saw a line-up of good acts.

Kynch at The Shed
Kynch at The Shed

Newcomers Kynch put on a really set and the night was rounded off by Ibisco.  Opening the show, two artists, known as Egg Ladies, performed a set of songs for the sizable crowd that had gathered for the start of the show. Recently the auditions shows have been well attended events.

Kynch at The shed in September
Kynch at The shed in September

The three teenagers from Kynch gave us a set of their own songs and covers, launching their set with a good number that drew in the audience. It was an energetic performance with good singing and sparkling stage presence. It is not often that we see a new band, these days, especially one that is pretty good at what they do. They brought with them a large following of fans. Reckless was a five-piece band who were very entertaining and professional in the way they played. Their female fronted lead helped them to provide some quality covers. These Skies had good sounds, songs that were well put together and colourful passages that had a psychedelic, electro.  style to go with their thumping rhythms.  Strong lead vocals with sizzling stage presence made it all come together in a set that was full of resonance.

Ibisco at The Shed

Ibisco, a four-piece band with lead vocals from the guitar gave us musically distinctive songs that were attractive and good to listen to.

Tuesday 22nd September

I popped out for a quick drink at my local. It was Rhett Barrow’s open mic night at The Soundhouse. Always a night that throws up some interesting acts.  Tonight I was pleased to see Harry, the beatboxer, who I had not seen for years but remembered from previous gigs long ago. He did a pretty good session of beat boxing.  Must see him again. The featured artist was Courtney Askey, a singer and songwriter from Leicester. Her set was warmly received by the audience. There was a good hip-hop artist called Gamma. And Jack Bishop who sang and played the keyboard. Jack has an exceptionally fine voice and performs at weddings and parties as a semi-pro artist. Rhett tipped me off that the annual open-mic Christmas party will be held this year on Tuesday 22nd December. A must not miss event, judging from previous years.

Friday 18th September

At The Shed, acts auditioned for next year’s Glastonbudget Festival.

Tonight we saw Kieran and Charlotte, Luke Broughton, Homeless Shakespeare, Blood Orange, The Reckless Youth and Dead Question.

Luke Broughton at The Shed. Photo Kevin Gaughan.

Luke Broughton was one of two solo singers on stage tonight; his unusual sounding voice delivered songs that were full of colour and atmosphere.

Joe Doyle (aka Homeless Shakespeare) at The Shed. Photo Kevin Gaughan.

Homeless Shakespeare is an act with unrivaled sense of character; a legend in the local music community, Joe Doyle’s act has attracted a devoted following.

Blood Orange at The Shed. Photo Kevin Gaughan.

The first band of the evening was Blood Orange, a four-piece band with a lead vocalist who delivered plenty of presence. They had come over from the Notts/Derby area to play tonight. A busy group, they describe their style of music as ‘Rock/Alternative/Melodic/Metal’ and lead singer Neil Padgett gave a powerful performance for the band’s set of well-crafted music.

Ash Ingram from The Reckless Youth, at The Shed Photo: Kevin Gaughan

The Reckless Youth benefits from having five of the finest and most experienced rock musicians in Leicester.  As a band, they set the bar for stage presence and their on-stage show is second to none. The set they played tonight was different to that we heard at the Cookie on Thursday.

Dead Question at The Shed. Photo Kevin Gaughan.

An enthusiastic crowd responded to the performance by Leicester band Dead Question. We saw this band in July and tonight they delivered a set that had plenty of punch and got the dance dancing. Their songs were their own; not a run-of-the-mill act, they have a distinct style which brings their music alive.

Dead Question at The Shed. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Tonight’s show was opened by Kieran and Charlotte. That’s Kieran Marshall and Charlotte Wells who did the singing while Kieran accompanied her on the guitar. What a beautiful voice she had! A very enjoyable set from two accomplished artists.

Downstairs in the basement a different line-up of bands.  I went down to see Luna Rosa, a four-piece band from Corby in Northants. Resonant songs blending sounds together in an ear-licking way. Rich in rhythm, they pumped out some really socking beats, A very good band.

Also downstairs tonight were Callum Rafferty and Ronoc and The Shelter from Uttoxeter.

Thursday 17th September

The Reckless Youth played at The Cookie; that’s the main reason we went.  But we also saw When We Were Wolves, Death Remains and The World Can Wait.

It seems like we see TWCW every week; even so, they are one of our favourite Leicester bands.

Leicester’s The Reckless Youth is oen of the best performance bands for miles around. I could watch this band with the ‘sound turned off.’ And still enjoy it just as much. Their songs are good too! But you have to see them in action to really appreciate how good this band is. They don’t just play – they put on a show. What makes them stand out is their capacity to live the music on stage; not just the fine vocals of Ash Ingram, but all the guitarists too.

When We Were Wolves came all the ay from Wales to play here tonight. And metal band Death Remains came from London. A mixed bag of music but enjoyable nonetheless.

Saturday 12th September

We were at the Cookie to see Trampolene, April, The Assist and Aztec Temples.

Saturday was a  big night out. Everyone went to the Cookie. On the line-up were four good bands followed by the added bonus of a DJ set by Casino Empire. Lots of people went to this show several local music celebs were in the audience. Not all shows in Leicester have a buzz but this one did.

Trampolene opened their set with something really unusual – a Cooper-Clarke-like monologue by the lead singer which was witty, funny and decidedly different. The threesome from out-of-town put on a set that glistened with ear-licking sounds.

Trampolene at The Cookie, September 2015 Photo: Kevin Gaughan
Trampolene at The Cookie, September 2015
Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Tommy Cobley and his mate from Casino Empire were there spinning some tracks that got people dancing, bringing the evening to a party-style conclusion. Which was pretty impressive because earlier that night they had been doing a main stage slot at the local O2 Academy. That’s dedication for you.

April were good,  by all accounts. The five-member group from Nuneaton formed in January, so this must have been an event for them. It was clear from the comments that came my way that people liked what they did. The band’s song Ten Miles High was featured on GigSlutz; so they are doing well then. And they have some support slots with The Enemy lined up. One to watch I would say.

April at The Cookie, September 2015 Photo: Kevin Gaughan
April at The Cookie, September 2015
Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Indie band from Walsall, The Assist, say on their bio page “With a sound so colourful and unpredictable, angular and edgy guitar riffs effortlessly intertwine between funky bass lines and punchy yet often disco tech like drums. Littered with infectious melodies, unexpected tempo changes, and anthemic sing-along choruses the music takes you on a ride like no other. ”  Well that saves me having to say pretty much the same thing. Another band on stage with The Enemy. A band with a notable following too.

I was here to see Aztec Temples. Our local rising stars had grabbed the headline slot.  I really love bands that give me songs I can remember on the way home and tunes like The Other Side and Down by The River give me that.  The band is recording a set of new songs now, so something there to look forward to. Tonight they offered a well-constructed set of songs.  Having seen them headline shows before, I can say with some commitment, that they are an ace band that commands respect (and a healthy fan base.)

Aztec Temples at The Cookie, September 2015 Photo: Kevin Gaughan
Aztec Temples at The Cookie, September 2015
Photo: Kevin Gaughan




The Assist

Aztec Temples

Friday 11th September

I promised by friend and colleague Carlos Stein that I would be there for this gig at Parcel Yard. It was a memorable experience for both of us. The Lords of The Loops did what was he does best. Not sure the audience really cottoned on to the vibes.  With his harmonicas and looping pedals and a set of satirical songs he should have set the bar on fire. But, it’s a venue that is not a destination for lovers of alternative music even though it has put on many live bands over the years. I stayed for Big Fat Bankers of course. It’s a song that has many devotees and which has not lost any of its edge.

Carlos Stein at Parcel Yard
Carlos Stein at Parcel Yard

A quick dash to the Soundhouse and I managed to catch the closing song by The World Can Wait.

The World Can Wait at The Soundhouse, September 2015
The World Can Wait at The Soundhouse, September 2015

They were followed by Flip Like Wilson a band that I have followed for some time and which is now making a bit of a come-back and tonight we could see why. Their set of pop-rock songs were not short on infectious beats and tantalising melodies and Joe Greenough’s strong vocals carried it off well.  An engaging set that drew people down to the front.

Flip Like Wilson at The Soundhouse, September 2015
Flip Like Wilson at The Soundhouse, September 2015

Flip Like Wilson on Facebook

Thursday 10th September

I like out-of-town bands too; and Chasing Deer is one that I like the best, right now

FB chasing Deer
Chasing Deer at The Shed

What makes this band stand out is the vocals of Rob – what a great singer he is. Now there are bands and there are more bands. Quite a lot of them are good but some of them are exceptional. As I watched them I thought ‘this is a professional band’ – OK they might not yet be earning a full-time living from making music but if I had never seen them before I would have assumed they were professional. They play music extremely well. Whether they are performing covers or their own songs, they never fail to please. On stage you see five musicians completely committed to what they are doing. They are crowd-pleasing purveyors of popular melodies. A smartly turned-out group, they had today driven all the way from the end of Cornwall to be here. That’s dedication for you.

On stage with them tonight was Thieves Asylum; not a band I have seen before but I have to admit they gave us a scorchingly good set.

Wednesday 9th September

I wrote an editorial about the editorial policy of this magazine and published it on my personal blog.  I mentioned the piece in my editorial column.

Music in Leicester, editor’s column

Tonight at The shed I saw Suddenly Human, a very good band from Germany whose electro-layered songs were delivered with bursting energy; a polished performance from a band with the talent enough to produce colour and vibrancy a-plenty.

Wednesday 9th September

Keith Jobey writes

Elizabeth Cornish emerged from her self imposed exile to play Leicester for the first time in just under a year. Expect to see a little more of her and her band soon. They also have a new single coming out in the future.

Elizabeth Cornish at the Soundhouse. Photo: Keith Jobey
Elizabeth Cornish at the Soundhouse.
Photo: Keith Jobey

The Pretty Goodbyes from Loughborough played a rocking set.

The Pretty Goodbyes at the Soundhouse. Photo: Keith Jobey
The Pretty Goodbyes at the Soundhouse.
Photo: Keith Jobey

Trilogy headlined the night, showing off their musicianship and playing their last gig for a while.

Trilogy at the Soundhouse 9th Sept 2015 Photo: Keith Jobey
Trilogy at the Soundhouse 9th Sept 2015
Photo: Keith Jobey

Saturday 5th September

Midnight Wire at The Cookie

Midnight Wire's Alex Van Roose Photo: Kevin Gaughan
Midnight Wire’s Alex Van Roose. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Leicester’s leading indie band, Midnight Wire headlined with support from Gloss, Great Imitation and Flip Like Wilson.

Gloss is a new band; newish. The Leicester five-piece’s electro-sounding songs were rich in mood and atmosphere that came off the stage with plenty of punch. Strong vocals made their songs very listenable. One I would like to see again.

Great Imitation are back. Well and truly back. I was reminded of vintage Great Imitation – from the old days when they were just Ryan and James. They were a great double act.  One of the best in the business. Now they are part of a band and what James does is unique. There is nothing else like them.

Flip Like Wilson I like a lot – their music has the fire and energy of classic pop-rock. Maybe not their best performance; they have been off the road for some time. Even so their set tonight was loaded; sparkle and energy and two good vocals and all the breaks of vintage FLW, they are coming back with a bang.

New songs came from Midnight Wire tonight.  As the room heaved with people, we discovered that the band’s latest offerings have a new vibe, compared to their past hits. They can still fill the floor with dancing people. Midnight Wire has done for Leicester what Arctic Monkeys did for Sheffield. What puts this band at the top is lead singer Alex Van Roose – both a great performer and singer and a talented song-writer.

See all of Kevin Gaughan’s photos from tonight’s show:

Midnight Wire at the Crumblin’ Cookie, 05/09/15

Saturday 5th September

Leicester Gay Pride

Music was on the agenda for the main stage of Leicester’s annual gay pride celebrations. The two headline acts were singer Sam Bailey and DJ Lisa Lashes.

Main stage at Leicester Pride 2015
Main stage at Leicester Pride 2015

We report on Pride in Arts in Leicester Magazine.

Friday 4th September

Glastonbudget auditions at The Shed

Tonight we saw The World Can Wait, Entwives, Denacious T, Sour Mash and Beneath The Lights.

TWCW Shed September

The World Can Wait put on a stunning performance; as good as it always is. Playing to a packed room, They played a cover a cover of a song by Iron Maiden, one of the band’s hallmark pieces. We saw TWCW at Glastonbudget, earlier this year

TWCW played on the Icon stage on Saturday; see what we said about them

Sour Mash at the shed

Birmingham band Sour Mash played with plenty of passion; giving us a set of metal melodies that was magnificent.

We heard a set by Entwives, they were good. The young three-piece had some heavy sounds, full of impact, with solidly good guitar work.  Denacious T, is a covers band from Peterborough. They played music in the syle of  Denacious T. A Tenacious D tribute band who do covers of most of their songs. enjoyable. Rather different.

The night was given a resounding finale by Beneath The Lights.

BTL at shed

Beneath The Lights brought the evening to a resounding conclusion; another of Leicester’s top bands.

Beneath The Lights at The Musician Photo RhinoFeroSs
Beneath The Lights at The Musician
Photo RhinoFeroSs

These bands were performing at one of the public auditions for the 2016 Glastonbudget Music Festival.

Find out about Glastonbudget auditions in 2015

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