Using this website

This page will help you to use this website if you are a new visitor.

How to find what you are looking for

The content on this site is divided between pages and posts.

The key pages are shown in the main menu bar ↑.

You might have to scroll up to see it. If you are viewing this site using a smartphone and have difficulty displaying the menu bars, go to the home page.

Alternatively, use the contents page where articles appear as plain text links.

Click on any item in the main menu bar to go to pages and articles.

If you are looking for a specific band or topic try the search box – always on the right-hand side of every page. Click inside the box and type in words you are looking for and hit the return key.

This website has been designed for computers running browsers such as Chrome or Firebox.

There is a page called Help with searching this website.

Known issues

Problems have been reported by users of some smartphones. Users of iPhones that employ iOS for their web browsers might not be able to see some photos.  We think this is probably due to settings (or lack of settings) in the phone’s web browser.  We are trying to figure out a fix for this.  It might be due to features of Shockwave.

Much of the code used to run this website is prefabricated and we have little or no control over it.

Report a problem with this web site.

Pages and posts

This web site uses features that will be familiar to people who use Blogs (such as post archives and tag clouds.)

Pages are permanently on the site.   They may be edited and updated.

Posts are the latest articles to be published. A link to them is found on the main menu bar above – labelled New. Posts can be edited at any time after they have been published.  Posts will not automatically be deleted. Pretty much everything that is published stays up and little is ever removed from the site.

Click on a tag → gets you into posts that have been tagged.  This is shown on the right-hand side of most pages.  For example, if you click on ‘Bands’ you will then get a list of posts that have been tagged  ‘Bands.’ Posts are tagged; pages are not. Pages are allocated to Categories.

There is a special page called Contents.  We use this to list both pages and posts. The list of contents is updated manually, from time to time.

I want to comment

We have removed comments from this website. This is because the comments system was being abused by spammers. To comment, about the content of this website,  please go to the publisher’s Facebook page.

If you want to be a contributor to this magazine, please see this page.

We are always on the lookout for people who want to become regular contributors to this web site.

Page last updated: 25/1/19