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Coming soon – our annual canter through what made Leicester one of the country’s best destinations for live music. In progress now – Leicester in 2016.

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songwriters, rappers, instrumentalists and acoustic duos

Toby Joe Leonard at the Jukebox December 2016. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

are celebrated on our new page that lists the ones we know about from Leicester; still many more to come though.

Gone but never will be forgotten

Linear’s last gig, December 2016

Linear hang up their guitars for good.

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Always a new band to discover

Escapade at Firebug, December 2016

Bands may come and bands may go but there are always some new kids on the block

Abandon Her at the Jukebox, December 2016. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Abandon Her at the Jukebox, December 2016. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Can’t believe how quickly the year has gone.

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