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Chris Swirles of The Brandy Thieves. Photo by Nile Kaemen McGregor.

Year by year

Our annual review of the year – 2016


Simon…Says 2017

Our report on this year’s festival is in its second edition.

Further updates will be made over the next few days.

Gaz Birtles on stage at Simon Says festival 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Come back later for more acts, photos and programme notes.

Going to Gigs

Ryan Tailor of Silent Resistance

Just published: Metal, Punk, Ska and Reggae 2209 to 2011

Round 5 – The golden age of indie

Round 4 Some of the best bands of the 2000s

Round 3 – How do gigs get organised?

Round 2 – gigs and venues.

Round 1 – What is it about gigs?

Abduction of Margaret at the Sun Bar in 2007. Photo by Trevor Sewell.

Going to Gigs is a new series of articles that looks back on the live music of days gone by.

Read more

A night of intense metalcore; it was “sick”

Cabin Joy Jumped Ship at The Shed. 15th July 2017.

Read about Cabin Boy in this month’s round-up of live beats.

Round-up for July

Finches of Attica at The Shed 7th July 2017

July – we will have some great reports on Leicester’s live music, this month.

Listening Post.  Latest record reviews.

Earls. Album cover. Skum King. 2017

Go get it now.

New from Leicester. Forget the Roman Forum. We now have


PYRVMIDS on stage at the O2. 17th June 2017. Photo by Kevin Gaughan

Leicester’s new rock sensation storms the O2.

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