Single review – Ohana, Too Good For Me

15/05/2020 0
The song starts off with cymbals crashing and guitars thrashing, building us up and getting the adrenaline pumping and hyping us up. But rather than get straight into it we’re given a taste of what’s to come in the form of a sweet and slow riff that has you nodding your head.

Single review – Bubblegum Hypnosis, Burp and Vomit

15/05/2020 0
Bubblegum Hypnosis are a smattering of genres from psychedelic, metal, grunge and whatever else you want to throw into the mix with influences ranging from King Gizzard and Black Sabbath which you’ll hear plenty of as we take a look at their song with a name as eyebrow-raising as their name, Burp And Vomit.

Single review – IRRLVNT, Where Did You Go?

27/04/2020 0
RRLVNT are a new stable setting out to mark their relevancy within the Leicester music scene despite what the abbreviated name would suggest. They have recently unleashed their debut track titled Where Did You Go? So let’s take a look around and see where they’re going with this.

Album review – Brandon Neal, Abrandon Ship

24/04/2020 0
Abrandon Ship is a 13 song romp of acoustic galore with some of Brandon’s greatest hits at your digital behest for you to collect if you’ve ever had the joys of watching this titan of tales perform.

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