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20th December 2014 Resin Christmas show at The Firebug by Trevor Locke I remember very well going to the Firebug in December of 2013 to […]

Resin Firebug

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20th December 2014 Resin’s Christmas show at the Firebug, Leicester Photos by Kevin Gaughan © Videos from the show by Kevin Gaughan Resin, Aerials (System of […]


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Friday 19th December 2014 Midnight Wire launch their Album Crossing the Rubicon at The Y Theatre, Leicester. It was one of those nights you wait […]


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Thursday 18th December 2014 Velocity at the Rainbows gig The Shed. A gig in support of Rainbows charity, organised by LC Promotions  in association with […]


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11th December 2014 Young Bands Showcases in 2014 2014 has been a remarkable year for young bands. This article reports on the last of the […]