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Simon Says… what a great festival! Page updated:  6th August 2015 New:  see photos from Saturday See photos from Sunday New item: performance by Swamp […]


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Friday 17th July 2015 Another Day Down at The Firebug Tonight:  Eden Avenue, Flip Like Wilson and Another Day Down. The Firebug was our chosen […]


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Our round-up of music for July 2015 Here is what we went to see in July Friday 31st July The Shed The Music in Leicester […]


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17th July 2015 Flip Like Wilson Tonight a Leicester band made a come-back at The Firebug. It might not have been the first time they […]

News 2014

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News 2014 This is the old home page for the news section, for articles up to the end of 2014. From the beginning of 2015, […]