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Singer Rhett Barrow at the Riverside festival in 20913

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Calder McLaughlin

Leicester singer and songwriter Calder McLaughlin has brought now some new work.

Calder McLaughlin's new al;bum: Songs for Sunday Brunch
Calder McLaughlin’s new album:
Songs for Sunday Brunch

Calder McLaughlin is one of the most interesting and distinctive singer, songwriters I know.  So, it was a delight to hear his new songs. The Songs for Sunday Brunch album is a must-have for those who either are building up a  collection of local acoustic artists or who generally want a thoroughly good listen of high quality songs to while away some free minutes.

Every song on this album touched me. Calder has one of those magic voices and over the years he has learned how to use it with tenderness, delicacy and power, whenever needed. Backed with some deliciously good guitar work, these songs are magnificent. Listening to this album made by Sunday morning. I have seen McLaughlin at live shows over the years, delivering staggeringly good performances; now,  his reputation has a recording artist also needs to be celebrated.   This new album is a work of art, a testimonial to McLaughlin’s maturity and skills as a song writer and singer.

Calder’s new album appeared in February

Songs for Sunday Brunch is a nine track album which is available for download on Bandcamp.

The page explains:  ‘This album was recorded in 3 sessions by very humble means in a friend’s living room. I used one mic (SE2200) and bashed out a few takes on a collection of songs, all full of cold in early Jan ’14. It is an experiment for me as a producer and the first time I have recorded and mixed my own work. I learned a lot in the 4 or 5 weeks of sporadic mixing, using techniques I’ve picked since starting my Degree in Creative Music Production. There is purposely no auto tune, background noise can be heard and hopefully the result is an honest, real and intimate piece of work. The songs featured were written during very different periods in my life, some as far as 8 years apart. Best enjoyed on a reflective Sunday morning. 🙂 credits: released 24 February 2014, Words and Music written by C. McLaughlin.’

New song from By The Rivers

Watch and hear the new song Slow Down from By The Rivers

New song from Dan Wright

Obskeen Records has released Free to Roam, a new track from Leicester singer Dan Wright.

Dan Wright
Dan Wright at Singers of Distinction

The track, released on 6th January, is available on Apple iTunes, Google Music, Amazon, Spotify, We7, Rdio, Muve Music, Sony Qriocity, Simfy, Deezer and many more. The Single will also be available to buy physically as a CD.

Read more about this.

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Dan Wright appeared on 10th July 2013 at the Singers of Distinction show, read our review


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