Pushing out your band

Pushing your band out to the world

Last edited:  29th September 2014

All bands need to be on the Internet and the majority have a Facebook page.

Here at Music in, we look at hundreds of Band Pages on Facebook every month. Our conclusion – the standards vary hugely, from pathetically poor through to very professional.

Does it matter if your band has a good Facebook page?

You tell me!   I would say, yes it matters a lot if your band is in music for the long term.  If your band is going to play for a couple of years and then disappear down the plug hole of musical history, then no it doesn’t.

If yours is a serious band (and I use that word respectfully) then you have to have a Facebook page that makes sense and provides the people who matter to you with the right information.

And the rest …

These days bands also need to have accounts on Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Reverb Nation and possibly several more sites.

These all need to be inter-connected. You might even want to have your own web site but these days that is far less necessary than it used to be.

We use Facebook as music industry … not as fans. A lot of bands use their Facebook account to attract, inform and amuse their fans and that is all to the good. The ‘about’ page, however, should be for the industry reps – Venue bookers, Gig promoters, Festival bookers, Radio DJs, Press and media.

If your band is going to be taken seriously by the industry (even just our local industry) then the About page will make your band either winners or losers.

To help our local bands, Music in is putting together a guide to Getting Your Band On the Internet.  We have learnt a lot but we want you to share your experiences with us.

If you have made The Internet work for your musical act, tell us how you have done it.

If your band is not getting anywhere, ask us why and we will look at how you are presenting yourselves.

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