The Fores at the O2

Lead singer from the Fores
Lead singer from the Fores Photo Martin Crosbie, 2013

The Fores at the O2 Academy

8th November 2013

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On tonight’s line-up in the Scholar Bar The Dirty Future, Jonezy and The Fores, at a show promoted by Takeover Radio and LiveIn Leicester. 

The Dirty Future started in 2011 and they are from the Leicestershire town of Market Harborough. They described their style of music as “alternative”, their influences being The Smiths,The Arctic Monkeys and The Kings of Leon. 

The Dirty Future
The Dirty Future Photo Martin Crosbie

They played at the Original Bands Showcase in March 2013; in a review of that performance it was said

Their songs had an immediate appeal, lead by the impressive vocals of their free-standing lead singer, who put a satisfyingly large dose of vitality into his performance. Backed by appealing guitar work, their tunes had a cool, laid-back feel to them, though they could equally well swell them with some invigorating crescendos. On stage they all looked like they were enjoying themselves and were glad to be there.  [Arts in Leicester]

 Making their debut tonight at the O2 Academy, the five members of the band put on a good set, led by the strong voices of their lead singer and backing vocalist. Delivering a set of catchy songs with powerfully rhythmic melodies, The Dirty Future gave us half an hour of ear-pleasing music. On stage with them tonight was their new guitarist.

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Musical entertainer Jonezy, also performing his debut at the O2, put on another of his high-energy shows with his established songs. 


Jonezy at the O2
Jonezy at the O2 Photo Martin Crosbie

Jonezy can always be relied on to put on a good show; his unique act is always focused on the audience, drawing them in to the songs and the actions that go with them. Backing his vocals with compulsive beats and rhythms, Jonezy’s approach is to ensure that music fans are given an enjoyable experience, what ever their musical tastes.

Jonezy at the O2
Jonezy at the O2

Jonezy has been seen to be a rapper; what we has done however, is to take compelling beats and rhythms, that would engage most music fans, write impressive lyrics to them and has created a set of songs that have beyond the horizons of what most people would recognise as being rap. That is what has given him a wide appeal. As a person, Jonezy is more often seen at rock gigs than at those that line-up hip-hop artists; his love of hard rock and post-hardcore music has opened up a much broader range of influences than is the case with most of who just do rap.

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The six members of The Fores headlined tonight’s show; apart from being exceptionally good at playing instruments, most members of the band joined lead singer Jamie Burgess in adding to rich vocal layer in their songs. The The Fores delivered a beltin’ set list, full of massively large sounds, fired-up and driven by the strong vocals of lead singer.

Looking back at what we have said before about The Fores

They delivered some beltin’ tunes, sounding a little like Oasis’s ballady songs. I particularly liked their Eye of the Storm, which you can hear on the band’s ReverbNation page. A tight performance delivered with 100% commitment. [Arts in Leicester]

We can add that they do full-on rock that really rolls. Soaring melodic lines and pounding beats, instrumental lines packed with powerful riffs, make their music fizz. It’s clear that the audience appreciated songs that were fueled by dynamism and compelling tunes and that’s what made a fitting and enjoyable finale to a really good evening of music.

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