The Harmonics with Carol of Casbah at Enderby festival, July 2016


of live music in Leicester 2019

This page lists people and organisations that put on live music in Leicester and Leicestershire in one or more venues. Several permanent live music venues book their acts directly. This list focuses on promoters who do not have their own venues but use third-party venues to put on their shows.

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Page last updated: 17/1/2019

Paul Collins

Wakeup Promotions.  Regular gigs in many different Leicester venues.

See more on Facebook.

Dreaming in Colour Productions

This is the group that runs the shows at The Shed and also puts on gigs at places like Pi Bar. A busy organisation with a lot going on.

See DICP on Facebook.


Casbah Music Management and Promotions.  Regular events in a variety of venues.

Andy Wright

Live in Leicester. Andy Wright puts on gigs in various venues.

Or see Andy Wright on Facebook.

Xander Promotions

Chris Sims organises gigs, mainly at The Musician

Visit the website for Xander Promotions.


Resin Events. One of the main promoters for metal in Leicester.

This is the body that organises Metal2TheMasses in Leicester.


For jazz nights see the Regent Sports and Social Club

on Facebook. Or visit their website.

Individuals and bands

From time to time individuals promote shows and bands also put on their own gigs at venues.

Pubs and clubs

Leicester, like most other places, has many pubs and clubs where live music takes place from time to time.

To see a list of live shows taking place in the city and in the country, log into Facebook and use our group.

Leicester Gigs 2019.


Live music is a feature of several theatres and concert halls in the city and county. Included here are Curve, The De Montfort Hall and several smaller theatres including The Y in East Street.

These events are often listed on local websites such as that for Visit Leicester.

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