Singers of Distinction 2013

Singers of Distinction 2013

Following our series of showcase events last year, ArtsIn Productions ran its 2013 series of shows featuring Singers of Distinction.

The final show of the current season was  held on  Wednesday 21st August.

See our reviews of the Singers of Distinction shows 2013 where you will be able to download or view biographical details of all the artists who have performed at these shows.

See the page on Singers of Distinction 2012 on Arts in Leicester.

Last year, performances were arranged at the Shed, The Soundhouse and the Musician, culminating in a finale event at Curve.

Singers of Distinction 2013

The series of showcase events to honour Leicester’s best singer/songwriters and solo artists, returned this year for a series of six shows.

All 28 artists who performed at the shows were carefully selected as being those whose work merits the accolade ‘distinction’ – those who stand out as singers, songwriters and performers. There are of course other artists who would have been on these shows (had we been able to fit them all in) but for a variety of reasons certain artists were either not available or we simply did not have the right slot at the right time.  So, to those who were left out this year we say, definitely next year.

We also wanted to achieve a balance between age, length of experience and musical style. We included a rapper (Jonezy) because we acknowledge the important of this vocal style and because the one artist we did pick in this category has a career that stands out for this style of music.

All our artists were selected from those who currently live in our local area or were previously resident here.  Our mission is to celebrate and showcase the musical talent of our locality.

All 28 artists delivered excellent performances; all were supremely good at what they do. Our shows set out to reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the local acoustic scene, ranging from traditional folk singers through to the alternative acts that push at the edge of the genre, such as the satirical songs of  Carlos Stein, the raps of Jonezy and the r ‘n b of Matthew Richards.  We brought to the mic,  young artists with great promise  (Aaron Stratton) and established artists who need no recognition (Steve Faulkner, Nancy Dawkins.)

We are very grateful to the managers of The Exhchange Bar for making their room available to us.  The boutique venue offered a stylish and comfortable ambience for the shows.  Thanks also to Andy Fox for his work on the PA, plus others who volunteered to help out when there was a need.

Each artist received

  • A review of their performance
  • Photography of their set
  • Video films of at least one song
  • Recordings of the songs (made by Obskeen records)
  • Links to their Facebook page or web site
  • All artists who performed were added to the ArtsIn roster of solo artists.

All shows were free entry to the public, to encourage the best possible audience.

Artists who took part received priority publicity and coverage on this web site (and on our Facebook page) and will be offered any opportunities that come in for media broadcasts and gig bookings.

Shows in August 2013

All shows have been reviewed on our page Singers of Distinction reviews.

All shows are free entry, all ages welcome and doors open at 7:30 pm.

As with last year, singers will be invited to perform based on what we have seen and heard of their work. This is NOT an open-mic event and artists cannot apply to take part. Artists are invited by ArtsIn Productions Ltd based on our previous reviews of their performances.

The Singers of Distinction programme is a showcase and not a competition.

ArtsIn invites A&R scouts from record labels and music industry reps to attend these events and the media is being invited to get involved with the shows, particularly radio stations. We are very grateful to Obskeen Records and Takeover Radio for their support throughout the whole series.


This year a variety of organisations are supporting our shows, including

Obskeen Records

obskeen records
Logo of Obskeen records

See the Obskeen records web site

See the Takeover Radio web site

City Link-up

City Link-up

Last year

Artists who performed at Singers of Distinction 2012:

Anna Pinckard

Cassius Povey

Chris Ostler

Daz Tonge

Ed Goodson

Elizabeth Cornish

Ilea Canver

Jake Manning

John Fryer

KG Sharpe-Young

Kieran Fowkes

Liz Marriott

Martin Luke-Browne

Matt Dalby

Matt Dobson

Matthew R

Michael Vickers

Nina Rubesa

Nuala Bennett-Wilford

Prash Gor

Resin (Acoustic)

Sam King

Scarlett Macclean & Dan Jones

Siobhan Mazzie

Skunk Boy Project (Nate Swettenham)

Steven Faulkner

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