Five2three band

Leicester band:  Five2three

This page is a unique account of the birth and progress of one band.

Our idea is  to follow the life of a band from its birth, to see what happens to it – how it grows up and matures, the experiences it has along the way and where it gets to.

We have no idea where this band will get to, or how long it will last.

Our purpose is simply to pick one band and follow it and just record what happens.  It’s a kind of ‘natural history documentary.’

Our band is called Five2 three and we met them for the first time, at their first rehearsal at Stayfree, on 28th June 2013.

Here are the members of the band:

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Owen Moore

Guy Hargreaves

Georgina Tuffen

James Frew

The band’s activities

7th September


The band at Wheatfest
The band at Wheatfest

The band’s first gig

The band at Wheatfest
The band at Wheatfest

6th September

Guy: “Can everyone learn Gives you Hell please?
So we don’t need to learn the notes where we’re there  BTW the last chorus is different to the others so learn it all the way through, Owen Moore play the solo and i’ll do the chords for the break down  Ryan James Fitzpatrick, before you unleash improv genius-ness can we run through with just the basic notes so we can get the structure sorted “

4th September

Message from manager:

“I have got us an open Invitation to arrange our own three band show on a saturday night. using our own PA. it is at the Greyhound in Hinckley no fee but we charge on the door.”

4th September

Message from festival organiser:

“A little bit of a re shuffle to timings, helps you guys a little as well.
Asettan 14:15
Ian Bourne 15:00
Stained Glass Alice 16:00
Jonezy 17:00
The Dirty Future 18:00
Five2Three 19:00
Black Star Bullet 20:00
Temple of Lies 21:00
Nile Delta Buskers 22:00 ”

28th August

Message from manager: “Confirmed on Stage at 6:30pm now at Wheatfest..”

14th August

Set list notified to band:

****Paramore – Still Into You
****All time Low – Dammed if I Do
****Greenday – Holiday
****Supemassive Black Hole – Muse
****Sum 41-In too Deep
****30 seconds to mars- The Kill
****You me at Six – Finders Keepers
****All American Rejects – Give you Hell
****Born to be Wild — Steppenwolf
****Paramore – Misery Business

13th August

Georgina says:  “You know wheat fest has ‘living mystery’ up instead of Five2Three?”

Manager: Wheatfest 2013. Our first Poster with our name on.. going to be a good Gig and a cheap one too so come down… Watch, Dance, Drink, Camp, Whatever have a good time… Sat 7th Sep Midday till Late

11th August

Owen gets a new guitar

Owen's new guitar
Owen’s new guitar

9th august

Georgina asks:  “What are we learning for tonight?”

James: “Finders keepers and misery business”

Owen:   I can do Misery Business.. its just Finders Keepers I’ve not looked at  i’ll have a look on my lunch break and see if I can learn it after work

9th August

“Awesome practice tonight”.  Owen Moore joins the band.

Band practice at Stayfree
Band practice at Stayfree

7th August

Message from band manager on Facebook:

“Emma has parted company with Five2Three. As with any new band changes can happen. . On the upside we have a guest replacement. The one and only Owen. Owen Moore. Former Bassist from Living Mystery is stepping in at least for a while on Rhythm Guitar. Welcome Owen….”

3rd August

James Frew’s new drum kit

James Frew's drum kit
James Frew’s drum kit

The band has practice at Stayfree Rehearsal Rooms.


Band Pratice for Five 2 Three band
Band Pratice for Five 2 Three band

27th July

Guy said:  “Does anyone know of someone who would like a 100Watt Fender Amp? I don’t use it and it takes up half my room :’)”

26th July

Band Practice in Blue room Saturday…  3 hours (I’ll bring the air fresher.) lol. 7-10 pm.

21st July

James said: “At our band practise on saturday 27th at stayfree. We will have a new piece of equipment to try out.
I have located my old behringer feedback destroyer which will help with our vocal mics.”

18th July

Georgina asks “can we go bowling?”

14th July

Message on Facebook:

There will be no practice at Stayfree next Friday as Guy and Georgina are both going away (not together). Next practice will be Sat 27th at Stayfree in the Black room. This room has a full stage, pa and lighting for proper gig rehearsals.

28th June 2013

The band has its first full rehearsal at Stayfree.

2nd July

The band sets up its page on Facebook


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