Cosby Big Love

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The festival took place on Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd August 2013.

Artists and bands appearing at this event included:

Axis Mundi

Los Dambusters

Midnight Wire


Luzon Bleeding Heart

Four Point Oh

Formal Warning

Rhett Barrow

Satelitte Empire

Definitely Maybe

The Jammed

and many more …

Cosby on Friday

We were not able to be at the festival on Friday, but we know that singer Rhett Barrow was on stage for one of his marvelous acoustic performances and on the main the crowd heard Definitely Maybe, an Oasis tribute band, and The Jammed on put on  stompingly good set of songs, according to those who were there.

Cosby on Saturday

We went to the festival for most of Saturday. Another day of Brilliant, hot sunshine.  We have been really luck this year with the weather for our local festivals.

Ian Lovall played a set in the acoustic tent. As always, roundly professional and a solid set of songs.

On the main stage Steve Faulkner put on one of his spectacular performances. An outstanding song writer and solo artist, Steve will be singing with the Baltimore Gun Club at the Firebug on 31st August.  Those of who remember Set In Stone will not want to miss this. In his set, Steve sang the title song from his 2012 album Jigsaw Man. he used his hugely strong voice and blistering guitar work to deliver a song for which he is noted – Billie Jean – giving it an unrivaled interpretation.  he also did a rap number, spitting out the beats with amazing speed.

Young singer Caleb Lane made is debut on the acoustic stage. At 16 he shows a good deal of promise is today’s performance is anything to go by.

One aspect of this festival that was good, was the way that the acts switched between the main stage and the nearby acoustic marquee. As one act finished, the next one started up, so the music was kept going throughout the day and you did not have to make difficult choices about which to see.

Leicester band Luzon Bleeding Heart came to the main stage with their energy-fuelled songs. The five band members played a set of volcanic songs, hard and hair-raising. The band’s supercharged music was excellent delivered by lead singer Patrick Tams as he grappled with the wind in his ample locks of hair. Luzon’s set included their song Killer (which had a dub-step style) and This is energy (their electro track.)

Singer Nuala brought her superb voice to the mic to deliver a dazzling set of songs in the acoustic marquee.

On the main stage, Leicester band Four Point Oh were spectacular. You could tell that they had organised something special for today; there was guitarist Robert Hamilton in a kilt for one thing. The performance was explosively good, solidly impressive singing from Becky Woolman (lead and bass) and plenty of vitality in their stage craft, this was an exhilarating set.  Robert gave us some blistering work on his guitar, backed by second guitarist Lorenzo Morandi. FourPoint is making its mark on the local music scene and I have no doubt that they are destined for bigger things. This is a band with so many good qualities.  It was a fantastic performance today.

In the acoustic tent, there was Markus Reeves and his colleague appearing as Dr. X.  as we saw the now famed biscuit tin guitar. They put on a set which rocked the house and clearly was a hit with the audience for its compulsive rock ‘n roll.

Leicester band Vengeance has recently changed its name to Eden Avenue. Even though they are still a young band, they are veterans of the festival circuit.  With Rebecca Maurice on lead vocals, they are like the previous band, one of the leading acts on the local rock stages.  They drew a lot of fans down to the crush barriers to hear their distinctive songs; the band told them that there is an EP coming out soon. I could see members of quite a few other bands standing, watching them.

Rapper Jonezy was on the main stage to deliver his high energy show of own songs.  His work appeals to rock fans and we have many fans among the bands that were present today.

Formal Warning drew a large crowd of fans to the main stage to hear the band’s songs, lead by front man Ash Wright. As always a strongly good set from this Leicester band.

The 64s gave an amazing  set of rap rock numbers which were very enjoyable. The vocals were very clear and you could hear the lyrics very easily.

Los Dambusters put on a good set of their covers songs.

Cab Stars were good, getting everyone in the crowd jumping.

Cosby Big Love has become established as one of the best small festivals in Leicestershire; the two-day festival follows on from the Foxton Locks and Hinckley festivals brought to us from the same organisers.  although smaller than some,  Cosby had a special feeling and we would rate it as one of the best small festivals in Leicestershire.

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