Strawberry Fields Festival 2013 Friday

Strawberry Fields Festival 2013 Friday


By Michelle Ferguson

The Botanics, Strawberry Jam Stage at 15:45

The Botanics
A local Leicester band, making great sounds in The Strawberry Jam tent. At first they seemed nervous, but soon got into the swing of things and got the crowd moving. It was a hard crowd to please as they played early on the Friday. A nice mixture of original songs and covers, with an interesting version of Girls Aloud’s ‘Sound of the Underground’.

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Friendly Enemies, Strawberry Jam Stage at 16:30

Friendly Enemies

An indie music group, again hailing from Leicester. Certainly a crowd pleaser, good interaction with the crowd, lots of head bobbing and foot tapping. A good group to listen to, played instruments well and livened up The Strawberry Jam.

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By Michelle Ferguson

Mia & The Moon, Big Top Stage at 17:00

Mia and the Moon
A delightful duo, acoustic act that performed in the Big Top. I found them lively and captivating. I loved the music which was engaging with an ethereal quality to it. They certainly knew how to play, with a nice mixture of some covers mixed in with some original work. I enjoyed the use of percussive instruments and went away feeling good and full of festival spirit.

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Hallowed People, Strawberry Jam Stage at 17:15

Hallowed People
Playing to a good crowd, Indie-Alternative group Hallowed People kept the music coming with a great set. Interacted well with the crowd, they were confident and got people moving! The group looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves and, as the crowd kept growing, they did too! They were fun and energetic and knew how to keep the music flowing.

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Leaving Party, Strawberry Jam Stage at 19:30

Leaving Party
With great stage presence that really go the crowd moving, and stayed moving during the set. Enjoyable music and great vibes.

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Wolf Club, Big Top Stage at 20:00

Wolf Club
With a big start, making full use of the Big Top stage, Wolf Club worked the crowd. I enjoyed every minute of the set, and even joined in with the dancing. The lead was full of energy moving about the stage and showing us some moves while singing.

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The Fallows, Big Top Stage at 21:00

Wolf Club
Joining us from Coventry, The Fallows drew a good crowd into The Big Top. Good music from various acoustic instruments, I especially enjoyed the violin. They looked happy, were bouncing about the stage and kept the crowd entertained. What more could you ask for? The Fallows has great crowd interaction and I enjoyed the whole set.

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